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Plan of Action Training STAFF OF GOVT and NGOs Srey Chan Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation.

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2 Plan of Action Training STAFF OF GOVT and NGOs Srey Chan Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation

3 Background The report (refer slide No.4) call us to recognize the extreme challenges that children and youth with intellectual disabilities and their families face every day. It has been said that poverty is a root cause of many disabilities and disability enhances poverty further. People started to talk about PWID issue in Cambodia Poverty, rather than landmines and political conflict, is now the leading cause of disability.

4 Lack of access to clean water sources, poor nutrition, and limited understanding of the importance of maternal and child healthcare services make young children especially vulnerable to disease and disability. As the needs of children and youth with intellectual disabilities are extremely varied and often unique to each child, services must be highly individualized and provided on a long-term basis. Relevant actors is the governmental, non-governmental, and private sectors must work together to ensure that these children receive the services they require. Far too many children in Cambodian suffer from disabilities that could have been easily prevented before, during, or after birth.

5 An estimated 4.7% (NIS-2004) of the total population of Cambodia is disabled For instance, in the Cambodia Country Study presented by ADB, a disability prevalence of 9.8% of the total population is posed as a conservative estimate. The causes of disability in Cambodia have changed drastically in the last few decades.

6 According to the 2004 CSES (Cambodia Socio- Economic Survey), a reported –29.5% of the population suffers from a visual difficulty, –23.5% from a mobility difficulty, –15.1% from a hearing difficulty and –1.2% persons with learning difficulties

7 Objective Short term goal: –Govt staff and NGOs have knowledge of PWIDs in community activities –Cambodia policy include PWIDs into community activities

8 Long term goal: – PWID life is improved (PWIDs can able to communicated, work with family and community)

9 Method and Tool The Training is designed to adopt a participatory approach to the PWID community development. It is intended to engage firstly government or NGOs staff then as the Plan develops to promote the participation of PWIDs, partners and others including persons with disabilities.

10 Target population Staff of Government Ministries (24 p)and Government Provincial (24 provinces/ Cities) NGOs staff(40p from 56 NGOs work with PWD and 4 NGOs provide services to PWID in Cambodia)

11 Responsibility Rehabilitation Department of MoSVY Some NGOs provide service for PWID

12 Expected results It is expected that the staff of government and NGOs will have acquired knowledge on PWIDs in community development. PWID life would be improved.

13 Duration of training Sharing Information gained by JICA training About PWIDs 2 days By Srey Chan Policy of Cambodia 3 days By The Chief of the Dep. Community development/PLA 4 days By Srey Chan (Facilitation, village activity)

14 StrategyActivity Time Line 2009-2010 Responsibility Person Input Expected Result Funding JanFebMarAprilMayJunJulyAugSepOctNovDec To impart Info on PWID Meeting Chief XSrey Chan Doc Chan Chief More knowledgea ble NoNo TrainingXXXSrey Chan Doc Chan NGO/Govt To Create Parents Association Meeting Discusson XSrey Chan Formation of Parents Association TrainingXXXSrey ChanNGO/Govt PLAMeetingX TrainingXXX PWIDs changed NGO/Govt

15 Killer assumption The Chief of the Dep. Disagree Ask back up from Disability administrative or NGO.

16 Budget Material (books, Marker, Paper)– $70 Refreshment --- $2X30pX9 days=$540 Transportation & accommodation for participants from province Transportation -- $15 X 24=$360 accommodation--- $15 X 24X 9=$3,240 Total $4,210

17 Monitoring Province will report activity that they have started after the training to the Ministry. Srey Chan will visit every 24 province to see the effectiveness of the program they have done. Refreshment.

18 Evaluation Will be evaluated by No. program and effectiveness of the programs done in 24 provinces. Effectiveness of program can be scaled according to the change happen in the life PWID targeted.

19 Thank you for your attention

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