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1 Cinema

2 France 1895

3 Russia 1896 A. Khanzhonkov A. Rou R. Bykov


5 Who… ? has general control of the money for film
is the boss and tell everybody what to do looks through the camera, and operates the equipment pretends to be another person and acts in the film can make a new face for an actor prepares costumes: dresses, suits for film operates microphones and gets angry with people who make noise writes scripts for films does all the dangerous things on the screen instead of actor chooses the best bits of the shooting film, cuts film…



8 1942

9 1968

10 1975 Acira Curosava

11 1980

12 1994

13 2000


15 Intervational Film Festivals. Venice Berlin Cannes

16 The cinema consists of the screen and set of armchairs with which it is necessary to fill.
The best actors, of course, at Disney. It simply erases the bad actor. The film is life from which have deduced boredom stains. The film should begin with earthquake, and then pressure should accrue. Alfred Joseph Hitchcock


18 The end.

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