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By: Princess Trevino Period 4

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1 By: Princess Trevino Period 4
KICKAPOO By: Princess Trevino Period 4

2 History The Kickapoo Indians are an Algonquian tribe that originated in present-day Michigan and Wisconsin. Eventually the Kickapoo settled in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and Mexico in permanent villages.

3 Did you know? The Kickapoo were forced to move many times by the government. Eventually, some of them settled in Oklahoma on a reservation. They finally applied for US citizenship and were federally recognized as the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas in 1983. They inhabited a richly forested area and collected all the material necessary for their daily lives. This is why the Indians who lived in these forests are called Woodland Indians.

4 The Kickapoo migrated to Texas from the midwest
The Kickapoo migrated to Texas from the midwest. The map shows the migration of the Kickapoo in pink lines. They lived mostly in the Central and Great Plains of Texas. region DESCRIPTION OF REGIONS; Rolling grassy lands Thick grasses Cross Timbers area - large areas of hardwood trees Limestone rock Higher elevation because limestone doesn't wear down easily

5 Kickapoo women often oversaw or built the wickiups
Culture…Shelter The Houses they live in are made from woven mats of cattails and look very much like the houses they used in the northern midwest United States which were made from birch bark. Many times, women owned and watched over all the construction of the houses called wickiups. Kickapoo women often oversaw or built the wickiups Traditional Wickiup

6 Culture Cornhusk dolls
Cornhusk dolls were given to Kickapoo children to play with. Some cornhusk dolls are used in sacred healing ceremonies. Sometimes a face is drawn, or red dots are painted for cheeks; but more often than not the doll's face is left blank.

7 Culture….clothing Deerskin was used for clothing until the arrival of the white man. The Kickapoo were later exposed to European dress they took advantage of the pre-made fabrics instead of tanning hides for clothes. Sometimes the men wore more traditional clothing such as buckskin leggings and breechcloths. The men decorate their clothing with silver brooches or exquisitely crafted beadwork. Traditional clothing for women consisted of finely tanned garments.

8 Culture…Food In the winter they ate buffalo, deer and elk.
They also grew corn, squash, and beans.

9 CAUSE AND EFFECT: How does the region the kickapoos live in affect their culture?
Kickapoos wore warm clothes in winter and cool clothes in summer due to the climate Due to the climate, Kickapoos farmed during the warmer months and hunt buffalo and deer during the cold winters Shelter: Due to the climate, the Kickapoos lived in “wickiup” that protected them from the cold winters and kept them cool in the warmer seasons REGION CLIMATE: HOT SUMMERS, COLD WINTERS

10 Comparing Kickapoo and karankawa tribes
Kickapoos To Wichitas Both tribes are farmers & hunt buffalo Both tribes highly regard woman

11 Contemporary prediction How would the kickapoos live in present day?

12 bibliography googleimage

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