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The Inuit, Kwakiutl, Sioux, Pueblo, and Iroquois

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1 The Inuit, Kwakiutl, Sioux, Pueblo, and Iroquois
Native Americans The Inuit, Kwakiutl, Sioux, Pueblo, and Iroquois

2 Inuit The Inuit tribe lives in the Far Northern part of North America.
They are sometimes called Eskimos.

3 Clothing of sealskin and furs
Inuit Clothing of sealskin and furs

4 Inuit The Inuit use dogsleds for transportation. The Inuit hunt sea mammals for food and clothing.

5 The Inuit live in Igloos made of ice or sod.

6 Kwakiutl The Kwakiutl live in the Northwest parts of Canada and the US. The Kwakiutl live as far south as California.

7 Kwakiutl Dances at Festivals
Midwinter Festival

8 Kwakiutl They lived in houses made of branches and trees. Some lived in wooden houses.

9 Kwakiutl The Kwakiutl were known for their beautiful baskets.
They used these baskets to gather nuts and berries from the forest. Kwakiutl also hunted for the small game around their villages.

10 Kwakiutl The Kwakiutl wore very little clothing during the warmer months, but made clothing for winter out of fur, grasses, and bark. This man has a blanket draped over himself.

11 Sioux The Sioux Lived it the Great Plains region of the US.
The Sioux were Nomads. They were very skilled fighters

12 They also used every part of the buffalo, none was wasted.
Sioux The Sioux hunted buffalo. They used the buffalo in every part of their lives. They also used every part of the buffalo, none was wasted.

13 Sioux The Sioux made clothing from Buckskin. They wore shoes called Moccasins. Their clothing was decorated with beads.

14 Sioux The Sioux live in tepees. They take down the tepees and follow the buffalo.

15 Sioux The Sioux used horses in warfare and hunting. They captured the horses after they were lost by the Europeans.

16 Pueblo The Pueblo lived in the Southwestern part of the US.
The land was very mountainous. The word “Pueblo” means village in Spanish.

17 Pueblo The Pueblo ate buffalo, and grew maize. Maize was a very important part of their diets.

18 Pueblo jPoncho The Pueblo lived in Pueblos, “Apartment Complexes” built from Adobe. Adobe are dried mud bricks.

19 Pueblo The Pueblo wore light fabrics. They also wove their own wool blankets. Some Pueblo wore ponchos at night to keep them warm.

20 Pueblo The Pueblo used Turquoise, a stone found in their area, to decorate their clothing and to construct jewelry.

21 Pueblo The Pueblo made Kachinas. These were figurines for the children as toys. They were also held as religious symbols. The children learned about their culture through kachinas

22 Iroquois The Iroquois were a League of Native American Tribes.
They were made of the Onondaga, Cayuga, Oneida, Seneca, and the Mohawk.

23 Iroquois The Iroquois made their clothing from buckskin. They decorated them with feathers and beads.

24 Iroquois The Iroquois lived in longhouses. These longhouses were built by bending saplings to form the frame, then placing bark on top. Many families lived in on longhouse. They were normally ft long

25 Iroquois The Iroquois depended on three plants. They called them the Three Sisters. Corn Beans Squash They also hunted small game around their homes

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