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Studying at the University of Tampere & Electronic Services for Students Liisa Ahlava University Services

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1 Studying at the University of Tampere & Electronic Services for Students Liisa Ahlava University Services

2 Structure of the presentation Who can advise and help me with study- related issues? How to plan my studies? How to complete my studies? What electronic services can I use to help me in these?

3 Who can help you? Study-related problems Teaching staff and international coordinators and advisers in schools Heads of study affairs Other problems Tutors and the Student Union TAMY Centre for International Education staff

4 Where to find information? UTA webpages UTAs intranet website: https://intra.uta.fi Homepages of the schools Notice boards (Schools & International Office) Mailing lists (is-list, lists of the schools) News and events

5 Guide book & website ECTS Survival Guide 2013–2014 Study Guide Practical Guide general information on study practices how to plan your study schedule completing course units and taking examinations degrees and legislation services at the University

6 Basic user account necessary key which gives you access to the student services and university email that are used during your stay here UTA email address your official email address where you receive information on the studies: Use it! NettiKatti Service user account information and redirection of email if necessary

7 Web tool NettiOpsu In NettiOpsu (, you can view your personal data view your transcript of records send your transcript of records by email update your contact information enrol on some courses and examinations view examination results

8 Transcript of Records The Registrars Office In English with Finnish grading scale In English with ECTS grading scale Exchange students: an official Transcript of Records will be sent to your home address free of charge after your exchange period leave your home address to the Registrars Office before departure Degree Students: a Diploma Supplement, including a Transcript of Records, will be given to you alongside your Degree Certificate when you graduate

9 Making a study plan – exchange students Home universitys requirements & Learning Agreement Letter of Acceptance from one School only Despite this, you can freely take courses in other Schools NB! general qualifications (previous or equivalent courses taken, knowledge of the language of instruction) and free places

10 Making a study plan – degree students Curricula Guides HOPS (PSP) meetings For more information and actual study planning, contact your programme coordinator

11 Personal Study Plan HOPS HOPS or PSP is a personal study plan which the student makes and develops with her/his mentor in the school Facilitates the planning of studies and the monitoring of progress in studies Supports student guidance and counselling Compulsory for all degree students

12 Academic year Two-semester system, each consisting of two periods Autumn Semester 2013 Period I: 2 Sep -18 Oct 2013 Period II: 21 Oct -13 Dec 2013 Spring Semester 2014 Period III: 7 Jan - 7 March 2014 Period IV: 10 March -16 May 2014 Information on the academic year in the web:

13 Finnish credit system in line with the European ECTS credit system 1 Finnish credit = 1 ECTS credit 1 academic year = 60 credits 1 semester = 30 credits The working hours include lectures, practical work, seminars, exercises, independent study, written examinations, and research.

14 Grading Scale and Assessment Grades at the University of Tampere 5 Excellent 4 Very good 3 Good 2 Satisfactory 1 Sufficient ECTS Grades A Excellent B Very good C Good D Satisfactory E Sufficient

15 Course units all instruction is planned, arranged and taken in course units course units carry a certain number of credits, usually five course unit may include several types of work: lectures, seminars, independent reading, and examinations

16 Completing course units Often, students complete courses by attending a lecture course and taking an examination at the end of the course, or by attending a lecture course, reading text books and taking an examination at the end of the course, or by attending a seminar and doing some related coursework However, attending lecture courses and seminars is not the only way to complete course units and to proceed in your studies.

17 Completing course units Alternative options for fulfilling the requirements Attending a course and writing a reflective course diary Reading text books and taking an examination on a general school examination day or as an electronic exam Writing an essay on the topics defined by the lecturer

18 Teaching methods & assessment Lectures Often no registration required (excluding, e.g. the School of Language, Translation, and Literary Studies; the Language Centre.) Written examinations at the end of the lecture course, usually no registration required

19 Teaching methods & assessment Seminars Usually registration required (A) seminar paper(s) and/or presentation Writing an Essay Ask the Examiner!

20 Teaching methods & assessment Book examination Lists of books to be examined can be found in the curricula guide or by contacting the teacher directly Registration required 7-10 days prior to the examination day (NettiOpsu/registration envelope)

21 Teaching methods & assessment Book Examination Taken on general school examination days Results in three weeks on School Notice Boards and NettiOpsu When taking an examination, please follow the examination rules!

22 Teaching methods & assessment Electronic Exam Service at you can make a reservation to take an exam and also cancel reservations instructions for taking an electronic exam exams on set books and exams on lecture courses If you have any questions concerning exams or the literature, please contact the teacher directly!

23 Teaching Schedules Names, times and locations of lecture courses and seminars offered in English and in other foreign languages during the academic year A link to study modules that can be completed through independent study Descriptions of course units in the curriculum

24 Curricula guides Contents and structures of study modules taught in English Not all course units are offered as lecture courses or seminars every academic year Some course units can be taken through independent study, i. e. by taking an exam or writing an essay Examination days/electronic exams

25 Maturity test - degree students maturity test based on the thesis is compulsory for all degree students and it should be taken after the completion of the thesis main aim: to verify that the student has written the thesis him- or herself ation/maturity_test.html ation/maturity_test.html

26 Studying in Tampere Region (UNIPOLI) A joint project of University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology - TUT Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK Offers exchange students a possibility to select studies crossing the institutional borders of the universities in the Tampere region Support for international degree students in career planning and jobseeking Check the UNIPOLI website for more information:

27 Finnish Language Courses for International Students Booklet Finnish as a Foreign Language available from the International Office, main lobby courses from elementary to advanced level open to all degree and exchange/visiting students See the Curriculum: &lang=en&lvv=2013 &lang=en&lvv=2013 Teaching Schedule: 2013&ops=133 2013&ops=133

28 The Proficiency Evaluation Tests in the School of Language, Translation, and Literary Studies l l Please note that passing the test does not mean that you can attend any courses in the language in question as space is limited

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