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Scandinavian Studies Programme University of Oulu.

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1 Scandinavian Studies Programme University of Oulu

2 International Relations Scandinavian Studies Programme 32-credit (ECTS) introductory level programme Developed in co-operation with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), USA Designed to give students a broad overview of Scandinavian history, culture and everyday life. Studies are in the fields of: –History –Social Studies –Cultural Studies –Fine Arts –Literature –Natural Sciences.

3 International Relations Academic Rules and Regulations Runs in the autumn term –(2009: Sept 9 to Dec 9) Six modules consisting of two to four courses –credits are given for entire module (not individual courses) A full time Scandinavian Studies student needs minimum of four modules Study Modules 1.Orientation to Scandinavian Studies 2.Geo-Politics and Societies in Scandinavia 3.Indigenous Cultures of the Polar Region 4.Cultural Heritage in Scandinavia: History and Culture 5.Finnish and Scandinavian Literature in Translation 6.Nordic Nature and Environment

4 International Relations Study Trips Three week-long study trips: –Field Course at the Oulanka Research Station (Nordic Nature and Environment, participation fee 40 euros) –Study Trip to Turku, Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Cultural Heritage of Scandinavia, participation fee 60 euros) –Study trip to Finnish and Swedish Lapland (Indigenous Cultures of the Polar Region, participation fee 50 euros) Restrictions on study trip participation: full time students only

5 International Relations Grading and Assessment Grades will be given according to classroom performance, assignments, tests and/or examinations. In most cases, the final exam/essay carries the most weight when assessing the final grade Grades for individual courses are numerical on a scale 1-5 (5 being the best grade). The grade for a whole module is the average of the numerical grades received for the courses of that particular module.

6 International Relations Grading and Assessment FinnishECTSUS 5AA 4BA- 3CB 2DC 1ED FailF/FXF

7 International Relations WebOodi Grades can be viewed at WebOodi ( Login and password to WebOodi from Computer Services Centre (kummi students will show you the location) After finishing studies at the University of Oulu, the password to WebOodi will expire, after which the grades can no longer be accessed by students

8 International Relations Transcripts Transcripts are written in ECTS credits. –accompanied by separate paper explaining the overview, credits and grading in the programme for the US system Two English copies sent out at the end of January The fee for extra copies requested afterwards is 25 euros + postage

9 International Relations Transcripts Bilateral agreement: transcripts sent to the home university ISEP: transcripts sent to the ISEP office Erasmus and others: transcripts sent to home address Students staying for spring term: transcripts available from the International Centre

10 International Relations General Information Lectures are usually 90 min long, they begin at 15 min past the hour and end 45 min past the hour (e.g. 8.15 - 9.45) Exception: Sep 9th Main Library tour at 12 oclock sharp! No coffee or food to be brought into the lecture halls without teachers permission Changes to schedules, classrooms and all additional information via e-mail and at the IC notice board (Exchange Students)

11 International Relations General Information Most lectures at HU206 unless stated otherwise Human Conditions lectures at MN101 Some Music lectures at KTK106 and KTK117 Feedback Session mandatory to everyone in December Reserve some time to stay in Finland after the end of semester to finish final essays

12 International Relations CONTACT Course related questions: contact the teacher directly via e-mail! If all else fails, contact Maria Nikkilä – –+ 358 8 553 4046 –Located at the International Centre (Open Mon-Wed 10-16)

13 International Relations Important Addresses Scandinavian Studies: International Relations: WebOodi: Campus map: WebMail:

14 International Relations OULANKA FIELD COURSE: Monday Sep 14th – Friday Sep 18th Fees: 40 euros must be paid beforehand at the International Office (today 12.00- 16.00 or tomorrow at 10.00-12.00) 46,80 euros at the Oulanka Research Station for the food (8.08 euros per day, includes 3 meals) and sheets (6euros) Remember proper clothing and shoes!

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