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May I have your attention, I am about to deliver this most interesting speech.

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1 May I have your attention, I am about to deliver this most interesting speech

2 A Distinctive Postal Model Mr. Franklin Sluis RA, Ph.D. CEO NPNA Ebeezz, NPNAs International Online Shopping Platform

3 Content Opportunities in International Online Shopping Caribbean International Online Shopping Trends in International e-Commerce Logistics Rising to the Challenge The Reseller Portal Models Advantages Consumers Advantages Postal Partners Program Delivers

4 Opportunities in International Online Shopping A vibrant, profitable open-ended growth area for Postal Administrations. 53% of largest US e-retailers accept international orders, but many cannot satisfy foreign customers due to a lack of global strategies and resources. - International E-commerce Expansion Benchmark Study, J.C. Williams Group, global retail consultants A facilitators like NPNA provide advanced cross-border solutions. E-Merchants internationalize their marketing and distribution strategies for higher growth in emerging markets, with lessened cost and risk.

5 Opportunities in International Online Shopping " In a recession, Amazons American sales grew 35%, "International sales 47% compared to 31% the prior year. " - MarketWatch eBays international businesses was 55% of revenue. Converting currencies added $110 M. US revenue grew 16% while international sales doubled at 32%. - USA Today/ABC News 2010 - Intensifying competition in logistics services for international consumers.

6 Caribbean International Online Shopping The challenge of international online shopping is to go beyond simple random delivery of the incoming parcels; Emerging trends point to the evolution of models that leverage the power of localized marketing and customer service to bring ecommerce to online users and offline customers that lack Internet access and credit cards; This power cannot be duplicated by overseas merchants.

7 Caribbean International Online Shopping Phase 1 of NPNA's program reaches 300,000 customers; Marketing through Partners in Latin America and The Caribbean expects to reach to a combined population of approximately 600 Million.

8 Trends in International eCommerce Logistics Global Shopping & Shipping Solutions US Address/Mailbox only US Address/Mailbox - Limited Merchant Links Postal Parterships - FedEx SmartPost Integrated Postal - Canada Post Borderfree Technology Driven Solutions - Postal Partners - Reseller + Logistics Model

9 Rising to the Challenge NPNAs E-beezz Online Shopping Portal positions Postal Partners as e-commerce leaders with an all inclusive solution for online shopping, logistics and customer service. Market FocusLocal Consumers, US and European Product Partners Business ModelPostal Partners as Resellers, earning: - Discounts on merchandise purchases, - Logistics Fees on each shipment Market PartnersBanks, Co-Marketers, Airlines, Loyalty and Credit Card Issuers Success FactorsLowest cost comparisons Wide product selection Better than ordinary box services

10 The Reseller Portal Models Advantages Shopping portal and customer services in multiple languages and dialects - Cannot be duplicated by eMerchants; Leverages Postal Partners brand, reputation and market penetration; Retail postal counters as community business centers with walk- in concierge sales and delivery services; Postal Partnering credibility and business volume leverages best terms and attract top International Product Partners;

11 The Reseller Portal Models Advantages Profitable business model, plan, revenue streams, rates, etc; Earns percentage of each product purchase and delivery fee; Better utilizes our Miami consolidation hub for lower unit costs; Opportunity to collaborate on the best logistics service solutions; Critical regional market knowledge and expertise.

12 The Reseller Portal Models Advantages The latest, full range of ecommerce and logistics technologies; Economical delivery with electronic tracking and confirmations; Includes selected US Merchants in each product category; All shipments treated as a domestic US shipment to our Miami consolidation hub – no export complexities; Differentiates Postal Partners over competitors.

13 The Reseller Portal Models Advantages Positions Postal Partners in the regions growing Internet business; Acquires new sales for Postal Partners; Enables dedicated direct marketing and product promotion campaigns to customers; Seamless branding and technology integrations with existing Postal Partner sites;

14 Consumers Advantages Doing business with a trusted, local Postal Administration; Low prices, wide selection; A US address for all their shipments; Home delivery or pickup from a retail counter; Online calculation of purchase and delivery costs; Full Customs management;

15 Consumers Advantages Customer Service in their own language; Concierge help – to find, order, pay for products; Online information, shipment tracking; Returns to US Merchants; Shipping insurance.

16 Postal Partners Program Delivers: Ready-made, turn-key: online shopping portal and technologies, program management and best practices, transaction processing, centralized logistics hubs Customization and interface branding to suit each Postal Partners; Advanced business model, sharing net merchandise and logistics revenues;

17 Postal Partners Program Delivers: Centralized operating, management and tracking systems; Relationship management with an extensive pool of Product Partners; Project management; A supporting nerve centre of experienced practitioners, technical resources, marketers, trainers, etc.

18 Postal Partners Program Delivers: Local customer service solutions; Continuous marketing synchronized with Postal Partners local campaigns; Operational and technical integration with Postal Partners; Overall program and performance administration; Fraud protection measures;

19 Postal Partners Program Delivers: Shopping cart transaction to logistics integration; Language translations; Multi-currency management program; Product promotions and shopping specials.

20 Thank you and lets reach high!

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