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Managed Reseller Incentives Training

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1 Managed Reseller Incentives Training
FY15 Program Refresh

2 Training Objectives At the end of this learning module you will be able to: List the changes to the Managed Reseller Incentives program for FY15 and their operations impacts This module is most useful for those who have participated in the Managed Reseller Incentives program in FY14. If you are new to the Managed Reseller Incentive we recommend you visit the Activation Kit Site (Operational Resources) where you will find additional training on the Incentive. Look under the title FY14 MRI EMEA Partner Training where you will see details on how to view earnings, make claims and track payments. For more details see For more details on the FY15 Managed Reseller Channel Incentives see the Managed Reseller Channel Incentives Guide-EMEA available on the Activation Kit Site.

3 Background to Changes Continued emphasis on rewarding Partners for growing sales of new products while also building the established base of well-known products The key priorities for Microsoft for FY15 are shown below. Take the opportunity to view the Welcome video with Thomas Hanson on the Activation Kit site for more information. Sales and marketing campaigns aligned to these will be run over FY15. Partners can leverage these as part of their Coop plans. The Managed Reseller Incentives for FY15 promote: Increasing and accelerating customer reach and expansion, especially for Cloud Open offerings Growing sales of key workload and cloud solutions that address critical customer requirements, and improving product attach to customer solutions Growth of revenue and profitability, and enhancing the value of Partner’s sales and delivery practices

4 Summary of Changes for FY15
Some changes to Local Accelerators list Local Accelerators Cloud Open Customer Reach Open Renewals Windows Server Cash Back Global Accelerator for Office sold via on-premise Open licence will not be offered in FY15 Rate changes for Growth and Incubation products Increased emphasis on sales of Cloud products via Open License Reduced number of Accelerators Changed since FY14: New Accelerators added Minor adjustments to list of Eligible revenue by Product Category Core Growth Incubation No changes to Microsoft Competencies list Your organization must earn and maintain MPN gold or silver level in one of the following Microsoft Competencies: Application Integration Business Intelligence Data Platform Collaboration & Content Communication Messaging Volume Licensing Devices and Deployment Identity & Access Management and Virtualization Server Platform Midmarket Solution Provider Small Business Customer Relations Management Software Asset Management Re-Categorization of Coop Partner Readiness activity list For more details on this and other changes please refer to the FY15 Coop Guidebook For more details see For more details on the incentive see the Managed Reseller Channel Incentives Guide - EMEA Product Demo/Seed Units

5 No change There is No Change to…
The Eligibility criteria for the program The concept of Global incentives and Locally-Chosen Accelerators How to enrol for the Incentive program Note if you are continuing your participation from FY14 your only task is to review the updated Terms and Conditions. How you login and use MRIT to: View your Earnings Make and track a Claim How Coop works & Coop Activities How you are paid Microsoft Competencies list

6 Operational Impact of FY15 Changes
Familiarise yourself with the changes No operational impact. You can view and track your earnings for these additional incentives under the Account Details tab in MRIT. 1 Changes to the list of Global Incentives and Local Accelerators Familiarise yourself with the Rate changes. See the Reward Table in MRIT. No operational impact. Your incentive earnings are calculated as they are today (with the Rate updates included). 2 Rate changes 3 Changes to Eligible revenue list Familiarise yourself with the changes. See the Rewards Table in MRIT. No operational impact. Your earnings statement in MRIT will reference the updated Eligible revenue list.

7 FY15 Eligible Revenue Eligible Revenue by Product Category
FY15 Earning and Usage Periods H1 FY15 H2 FY15 H1 FY16 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 August 1st Funds available = Rebate Payment & Coop available for FY14 H2 earnings February 1st Funds available = Rebate Payment & Coop available for the FY15 H1 earnings Usage Period Eligible License Types Earning period Usage Period Earning period Usage Period

8 Resources See a range of resources on the Activation Kit site and MRIT
Is there going to be an updated Implementation Guide? Incentive Guide & Exhibits On MRIT find out more about the Incentive, latest news and find Help Coop Guidebook

9 Support For Queries on the Program and Tools:
Contact the Managed Reseller Incentive Helpdesk at The Helpdesk supports the following languages: English French German Italian Russian Spanish The Helpdesk hours are 08:15 to 17:00 GMT

10 Coming Soon.. Microsoft Partner Incentives – Program Transitions from current Incentives Tool to Microsoft Partner Incentives (PI) tool - Beginning FY15 Q2. This Transition will begin in FY15 Q2 for all FY15 Program Eligible partners. Note: For EMEA Managed Resellers, beginning January 1st, incentives calculation will switch to a percentage of revenue (aligned with the rest of world policy). Action Required: Ensure your current User Administrator(s) information ( address and contact) is updated and accurate in MRIT by 15th September, Please contact the Managed Reseller Incentive Helpdesk at

11 This module is now complete. Thank you for your attention!

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