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Lynda Fuller Don Durandetta Wilmington University.

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1 Lynda Fuller Don Durandetta Wilmington University

2 Topics Why competency based learning? Why the Human Resource Management Program? Steps in the process Administrative Issues Challenges

3 Background Private, non-profit university 18,000 students; six academic colleges Mission: provide opportunities to underserved Business model College of Businessca. 5,000 students Traditional credit-hour system 120-credit programs About 40 courses (3-credits)

4 Background Active online programs Experiential learning initiative Internships Cooperative education Develop tracks in selected programs Select courses to be offered in co-op modality College of Online and Experiential Learning

5 Background Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) Interest in Competency Based Learning Southern New Hampshire University Western Governors University DePaul University New School for Learning

6 Background Started to look at two programs College of TechnologyInformation Systems College of BusinessHuman Resource Management Developed some assumptions and guidelines Communication with faculty senate

7 Background Assumptions and guidelines Track within a program Equivalent to current 120-credit programs Compatible with student needs Financial aid and tuition reimbursement Recognizable transcript formats Fit adult learner model Compatible with university systems

8 What is a Competency? Learning outcomes Knowledge, skills and abilities (Ewell, 2001) Competency Higher categorical level than learning outcomes Combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities Application of knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of ways…situations Clearly defined and objectively measured

9 Mastering a Competency Prior learning Formal or informal CLEP / DANTES Certifications Self-study Experiential Learning Career/professional experiences Military service Co-ops, internships Traditional courses

10 Measuring Competencies Verifiable rigorous assessments Multiple assessments per competency Knowledge, facts, theory Skills and abilities Portfolio of approach to mastery of competencies Comprehensive program examination

11 General Concept Current Program Courses (goals and learning objectives ) Define Program Competencies and Assessments Program Course Credits To Generate A Typical Program Transcript Dissect Reassemble

12 Middle States Pilot Detailed instructions Key inputs requested Description, population served, need Administration, resources Student assistance to master competencies Quality assurance Equivalency to current credit hour programs

13 Why Human Resource Management? Society of Human Resource Management Competency based guidelines Nine broad areas of competencies Well defined and structured Current program aligned with SHRM

14 Current HRM Program Outline Program is 120 credit hours General education 39 credits General business core 33 HRM program core33 Business electives 9 Free electives 6

15 HRM Core Competencies Started with SHRM nine competencies Identified key learning outcomes in each Compared to current program goals Added competencies or reduced redundancies Defined 28 HRM program competencies Assessments Mapped these back to current courses

16 Business Core Competencies Business core contains fundamental courses Eleven course (33 credits) Major disciplines represented Competencies Reevaluated what was needed to know Reduced redundancies and streamlined About four per course Assessments Map to courses

17 General Education Competencies Graduation competencies Start with University values Relate values to University graduation competencies Align with more specific performance competencies Develop learning activities/objectives Develop appropriate assessments Competencies align with any program Same general education requirements for most degrees Some programs has special needs (i.e. math)

18 Population served & Needs Population of adult learners Experience in business organizations Experience in HR field Have prior learning Population needs Smooth path to degree Efficient use of time Credit recognition of organizational experiences Credit for prior learning

19 Administration and Resources Student program advising Evaluate incoming student inventory of knowledge, skills and abilities Map efficient path to degree Competencies to challenge upon entry Plan to master other competencies Maintain map of competencies mastered

20 Competency Map Project Management Principals of Mgt. Salary & Benefits HR Law Supervisory Mgt. Strategic HR Cost Accounting Organizational Development International HR Organizational Behavior Finance Marketing

21 Competency Planning Map Certification Co-opSelf-study Learning unit PLA Course CLEP Learning unit Prof exp Co-op Self-study

22 Role of Faculty Advisor Works closely with the advising support Academic support for competency maps Academic facilitator Helps develop competency assessments Grades competency assessments Helps guide students toward competency mastery Suggests/provides resources Develops supplementary learning units Instruction as needed

23 Quality assurance Outcomes assessment process Develop OA process for competency program Keep as close to current OA process as possible Use similar types of assessments Comprehensive program-level assessment Current program Competency based program Develop portfolio of mastery of competencies

24 Challenges along the way A lot of work! Aligning views of how the process should work Defining /determining competencies Comparability to current programs Efficiency of the support and instruction processes Will a CBE program actually benefit students?

25 Still to Do Refine competency definitions Develop rigorous assessments Complete map to traditional transcripts Test the administrative & support functions Improve all of our programs!

26 Questions?

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