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MyFootballClub Webinar MyFootballClub Overview 2013.

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1 MyFootballClub Webinar MyFootballClub Overview 2013

2 Overview 1 – The MyFootballClub Project 2 – Getting Access 3 – Season Setup 4 – Registrations 5 – Registration Management MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page2

3 The MyFootballClub Project MyFootballClub is a project that aims to: Identify and recognise all individuals and organisations involved in football (player, referee, volunteer, club, etc), their multiple relationships within the sport, their interests and needs. Make volunteers lives easier by delivering tools that are easy to use and provide the support they need. Lower overall administration time and cost for managing football by adopting a shared system for all. Assist in development planning e.g. participation and retention. MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page3

4 MyFootballClub Portal An Online Portal for Players, Clubs and Associations. An information resource for clubs on managing their club including volunteers, facilities, inclusive football, funding and other resources. A Registration tool A Competition Management tool A portal for future initiatives and resources A player resource, Club Finder tool and portal to Football Family ticketing. MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page4

5 Benefits of MyFootballClub Club Benefits: Eliminates the need for paper forms. Takes burden off club volunteers by allowing individuals to enter their details online and removing the need to fill out forms. The system is free of charge - Saves you from buying and maintaining your own system. Reduce volunteers administration time, resources and effort. Ability for clubs to add Additional Questions and their own Terms and Conditions. Online system available to you 24x7, anywhere in the world. Provide instant reporting and reconciliation for all levels of administration. Players can pay online, clubs receive money sooner. Sell Add-on items, such as uniforms, to players at point of registration MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page5

6 MyFootballClub Portal MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page6

7 Registration Tool Club Registration Cycle 1.Club Registrars request Access to MFC. 2.Association approves club registrar access. 3.Club completes season setup – Ages Groups, Fees/Packages (optional: Terms & Conditions, Additional Questions, Add-Ons). 4.Club Communicates Registration process to Players (letters, emails, website). 5.Registrations are transferred to Competition Management tool. 6.Club/Association allocates players and teams in Competition Management tool. MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page7 Self Registration (no forms) Players Register online using Self Registration Player pays online (if setup by Club) Club accepts Registration

8 Major Enhancements in 2013 Self Registration The self registration process has clearer steps and is more user friendly, including a status bar showing progress through the process. The self registration process layout is more consistent, providing a more user friendly interface. There is a clearer path for users that are trying to retrieve passwords. Online Payments Clubs now have the option to pass on credit card transaction fee as an additional expense. Clubs also have the option to disable Invoice Me button. Invoices have been improved (Amount Paid, date of birth, Credit Card fee itemised, waiting list) The custom message for clubs has increased in character limit to enable more detailed messages. MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page8

9 Major Enhancements in 2013 Club Administration There is a link to player registration details directly from the Take Payment & Approve Registration lists. Status numbers on Admin home page gives clubs a clear picture of incomplete registrations. Clubs are able to initiate the de-registration process online. Emails are automatically sent to alert of the de-registration process. Team Allocations Improvements to roles, age groups and status selections in team allocation lists. Cancelling a registration automatically removes the individual from the team. Reporting Improve documentation and user guides for reporting, including what information is available in each report and how to use the reports. Add more flexibility to identified reports to enable user to set criteria. MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page9

10 Overview 1 – The MyFootballClub Project 2 – Getting Access 3 – Season Setup 4 – Registrations 5 – Registration Management MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page10

11 Getting Access Club Registrar Access 1.Club registrars complete the online form to request access as a Club registrar. (FFA Number is required on the User Access Form) ­Club registrars who have an FFA number as a player. Find their FFA number and retrieve password. ­Club Registrars who dont have an FFA number- Need to Create an account through MFC to receive FFA number and password. 2.All requests are approved and activated by Football West ­Access granted only when the registrar has completed a MFC Course. ­Registrars should have Working with Children checks if appropriate. ­Email confirmation will be sent when access is granted. MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page11

12 Online Payments Online Payments is Optional. Online payments allows the club to collect registration fees via a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) payment when the player registers online. Clubs need to request online payment to be enabled if they have not used it before. There is no yearly subscription fee to use online payments. Each transaction incurs a 3% credit card merchant fee. Payment is deposited into clubs bank account. All money is directed to the Club. No payment split. MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page12

13 Online Payments Activating Online Payments 1.Clubs must complete FFAs online payment request form. One individual per club will be allowed access to the payment, which should ideally be the club treasurer. 2.Once the form is submitted, FFA will enable online payments for your club and email the details to the club. 3.The email will include your username and password to the payment gateway. This is where you can review the online payments and export detailed information of all transactions. 4.Club needs to go into Our Details and make sure the Payment Gateway option is enabled in their club (refer to Our Details). MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page13

14 MyFootballClub Support Structure Football West Registrations Coordinator ­(08) 9422 6913 ­ MyFootballClub Support Centre ­(02) 8020 4199 ­ MyFootballClub website ( ­Manuals & Videos Football West website – Player Registrations ( ­News, Guides, FAQs & webinars MFC Webinar : MFC Overview : Page14

15 thank you Please contact Daniel Gibbons for further information: t: (08) 9422 6913 e:

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