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1 Payables Efficiency Through… Access Online PAYMENT PLUS.

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1 1 Payables Efficiency Through… Access Online PAYMENT PLUS

2 INVOICE RECEIPT FINANCIAL SYSTEM APPROVALCODINGPAYMENT Your current processes remain Only the payment method changes Access Online Payment Plus Access Online PAYMENT PLUS

3 FEATURES  Secure payment delivery through U.S. Bank Access Online  Dynamic credit adjustment or single-use accounts  Multiple invoices may be included on one payment  Secure supplier notification including remittance advice  Automated reconciliation between transactions and payment instructions  Reporting and financial extracts for integration with client systems BENEFITS  Increase control and security  Improve business processes through payment automation  Reduce costs and fraud associated with check payments  Enhance cash management  Increase rebate opportunities Payment Plus Features and Benefits

4 Easy as 1-2-3 Access Online PAYMENT PLUS

5 Step 1: Submit Access Online PAYMENT PLUS

6 Step 2: Pay Access Online PAYMENT PLUS

7 Step 3: Monitor Access Online

8 Client U.S. Bank Supplier Creates or Uploads Payment Instruction Process Transaction Confirm Supplier Notification (Optional) Generate Reconciliation Report/File Extract Reconcile Transactions Using Access Online Report/File Extract Adjust Account Credit Limits Load Payment Instructions to U.S. Bank Access Online Send Payment Notification to Supplier/Buyer Post Transaction in Access Online and Match to Payment Instruction Payment Plus Process Flow

9 1. File (automated)  Standard input file  File specifications available Options for submitting payment instructions: May do any combination of the above Payment Instruction File layout available today 1. Form (on-demand)  Individual payments  Only eight fields required May include:  Pre-authorized limits  Single use accounts Step 1: Submit

10 Payment Instruction Form  Only eight fields required: 1. Merchant Email 2. Expiration Date 3. Payment Account 4. Control Number 5. Amount 6. Merchant Name 7. Invoice Number 8. Line Item Total  Submit payments directly from Access Online  Select pre-authorized limits or single-use accounts

11 1. Submit3. Monitor2. Pay Submit payment instructions (file or form) Load to Access Online Open accounts and adjust credit limits Review transactions using reporting or file extract Send payment notification and remittance advice to supplier via email Transaction posts in Access Online and auto-matches to payment instruction Step 2: Pay

12 Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 12:03 PM To: Cc: Subject: Purchase authorization for Payment # 242424422 ABC Company is now authorized for the next 20 days, to charge the credit card account ending in 2712 for the following customer: Customer Name: U.S. Bank For a total Amount of: $10296.46 This Payment covers the following Invoices: Invoice Number: Invoice Amount: 673422 2356.47 673423 3854.34 673424 4085.85 Also, for the best and most efficient results, please process this charge amount in a single transaction within 72 hours of receiving this notification. Thank you. * If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns regarding this matter, please direct them to Bob Smith at 555-333-1234. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL MESSAGE. * *** THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS IS USED BY AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM AND RESPONSES ARE NOT MONITORED. *** Example: Pre-authorized limits Supplier Notification

13  Use Access Online Reporting or financial extracts to monitor Payment Plus activity  Access Online Reporting Includes: 1. Billed Transaction Analysis with Payment Detail 2. Payment Instruction Analysis 3. Payment Instruction Detail Step 3: Monitor

14 Billed Transaction Analysis with Payment Instruction Detail Step 3: Monitor

15  U.S. Bank Representatives Relationship Manager Implementation Project Manager Technical Integration Manager Enablement Managers Account Coordinator  Supplier Enablement Services Dedicated Supplier Enablement Managers Flexible to your needs Take on as much or as little of supplier enablement as desired Leverage expertise of U.S. Bank Payment Solutions to enable suppliers to accept payments, enhance data capture and review merchant fee structure  Your U.S. Bank Resources

16 Next Steps  Prioritize suppliers and communicate expectations through Visa Perform Source tools  Try it with a few payments  Transact with Payment Plus 1. Submit 2. Pay 3. Monitor

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