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Department of Sport and Recreation PREPARATION for Officials.

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1 Department of Sport and Recreation PREPARATION for Officials

2 Accreditation Are you sufficiently qualified and accredited for the level of game/event you wish to officiate? Contact your sports organisation to verify your level Determine methods to increase your level of accreditation and career pathway

3 Pre Season When does your season commence? Verify with the local organising body Conversant with any rule changes Do you need to undertake a fitness regime? Do you require to pass a fitness or theory test to officiate in your sport?

4 Your Appointment Have you received notification of your next appointment? Confirm your availability Who are the competing teams What is the level of competition Where is the venue When do I need to be at the venue

5 On The Day Food Intake – Hydration, energy foods (carbohydrates) allow time for digestion Make sure your uniform and equipment are ready Prepare - mental approach Allow for travel time and arrive early We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle

6 Before The Game Are you fit enough, no injuries? Pre game preparation Your routine Rituals Administration, team lists, scrutineering Pre game disruptions Warm up

7 Psychological Preparation Mental preparation, concentration and confidence are critical to good officiating They should include: Warm up Game strategy – knowledge of competitors Flow – speed of game/competitors/your positioning Imagery – awareness, what if? Selective attention - focus

8 After The Event If of a physical nature, remember to warm down Re-hydrate Finalise result sheets/match cards Game or incident reports to be filed Self analysis

9 6 Ps to Preparation P rior P lanning and P reparation P revents P oor P erformance

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