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Canadian Soccer Association CSA Referee Development.

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1 Canadian Soccer Association CSA Referee Development

2 Canadian Soccer Association The duties and responsibilities of the fourth official

3 Canadian Soccer Association History 1991 -Introduced 1995 -Given official status 1996 -Able to submit reports 1999 –technical area/direct communication with the referee 2000 -Assist with enforcement 2001–Monitor bleeding, injury and equipment changes

4 Canadian Soccer Association The fourth official shall assist the referee with any administrative duties before, during and after the match as required by the referee.

5 Canadian Soccer Association Is an integral part of the officiating team Requires the same: –Knowledge of the Laws and the rules of the competition –Professional conduct and dress

6 Canadian Soccer Association Duties prior to the game Arrive with the officiating team Participate in the field inspection Be prepared to officiate Wear appropriate attire Assist in checking of player equipment –Team colours, goalkeeper jerseys Obtain and inspect game balls

7 Canadian Soccer Association Duties prior to the game Contact competition security * Assist in checking lineups and player passes Obtain number cards (substitution boards) Accompany other officials to centre circle for national anthems and coin toss

8 Canadian Soccer Association Three important concepts: Prevention/anticipation Presence Personality –All three should be established before/early on in the game

9 Canadian Soccer Association Duties during the game Observe and record appropriate information on the log sheet (time) –Record everything!!!! Ensure the occupants of the technical area behave responsibly Assist with substitution procedures Observe everything: –Informs if wrong player cautioned/sent off; player receives two cautions and not sent off –Informs the referee of irresponsible behavior by any occupant of the technical area

10 Canadian Soccer Association In order to be effective… The fourth official needs to be able to: –To communicate effectively –To interact positively with a variety of individuals - all of which have different interests in the game

11 Canadian Soccer Association Important concepts Be aware of movement, whereabouts of team officials, substitutes etc. Alert to attempts by team officials to engage in argumentation etc. Commitment/concentration Face the field/ EYE CONTACT

12 Canadian Soccer Association Techniques What (situations) do you find most challenging as fourth official? - questioning by coaches - serious fouls - mass confrontation What methods can we use/do you find most successful to control technical areas? - respect - low key - assertive when necessary

13 Canadian Soccer Association At half time Gather equipment (paperwork etc.) Go to the dressing room with the referee Compare game notes

14 Canadian Soccer Association Near the end of the game/half Look for security Continue to observe Look for referees added time signal Record any misconduct or incident

15 Canadian Soccer Association Duties after the game Gather equipment and follow referee when she/he leaves the field Fill out paper work after having compared notes with the referee submit a report of any misconduct/other incident that occurred out of view of referee/AR

16 Canadian Soccer Association Some important situations when the fourth needs to get involved during the game

17 Canadian Soccer Association Bench Control The Fourth Official is expected to stand during the game Only those personnel named on the official team-sheet may occupy the technical area Where a coach has conveyed tactical instructions to the players during a match ensure that the coach returns to his or her position after giving those instructions

18 Canadian Soccer Association Bench Control Supervise the technical area to maintain order and inform the referee of irresponsible behaviour by any occupant of the technical area Irresponsible behaviour may be defined as, but not exclusive to: –any person who leaves the technical area to remonstrate with the Referee, an Assistant Referee, opponents or members of the opposition technical area –any act of abusive, insulting, offensive or threatening language and/or gesture –persistently failing to comply with the Laws of the Game, Competition Rules or the request of the fourth official

19 Canadian Soccer Association Substitutions Inspect substitutes equipment Inspect the substitution pass and verify information Inform near AR of substitution request Stand at the halfway line flag with substitute until referee signals for substitution

20 Canadian Soccer Association Substitution Procedure AR signals for substitution Referee acknowledges Fourth official displays number of player(s) being substituted (lowers it when player moves towards touchline) Prevents substitute from entering the field until player being substituted has left field Records information in game log

21 Canadian Soccer Association Serious foul, caution, sending off Go to appropriate bench area (presence) Maintain calm and control Meet sent-off player and escort to security Record time, team, player number, reason for action

22 Canadian Soccer Association When a goal is scored Controls the bench area Allows no one to enter the field Records time, team and player

23 Canadian Soccer Association If an injury occurs Control bench areas Go to the person most likely to enter the field (trainer) Prevent entry until the referee signals; allow only authorized persons on the filed If the player is to be replaced….. If the player is off for attention….

24 Canadian Soccer Association Players required to leave to adjust equipment Ensure adjustment made Verify to assure it is correct Bring player to the halfway line Keep player off until referee grants permission

25 Canadian Soccer Association Kicks from the penalty mark Assist in keeping players that are on the field at the end of the game ON the field Keep substitutes off the field Control the bench during the taking of the kicks Record the results

26 Canadian Soccer Association Summary of major responsibilities Bench control Control of substitutions Record keeping Communication with referee

27 Canadian Soccer Association The fourth official is critical to the smooth execution of the match HAVE FUN!!!

28 Canadian Soccer Association

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