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Fall 2013. Intros Name, Club, Year in School, Celebrations Purpose of today Refresher for some, intro for others Training is ongoing Ask questions! Can.

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1 Fall 2013

2 Intros Name, Club, Year in School, Celebrations Purpose of today Refresher for some, intro for others Training is ongoing Ask questions! Can meet separately with each club also PIZZA!!! WELCOME BACK!

3 Think of 3, and dont be afraid to dream big Think outside the playing field as well Well revisit these later, hold onto the paper throughout training 5 minutes… GO! WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE YEAR?

4 History of clubs Student leadership What makes them successful? Service Student Development Quality Relationships Quick look at our SC Program WHAT ARE SPORT CLUBS?

5 32 Sport Clubs… and counting 800 participants… and counting Over 65 home events in 12-13 300+ trips, games, events, scrimmages $188,790 in dues payments $24,155 in league dues $60,000 from our office 70+ acts of community service 10 Staff Members What they do SPORT CLUBS BY THE NUMBERS

6 Archery Baseball Basketball (M) Cheer Dance Equestrian Field Hockey Golf Ice Hockey (M) Ice Hockey (W) Lacrosse (M) Lacrosse (W) MMA Outdoor Adv. Paintball Parkour Roller Hockey Rugby (M) Rugby (W) Ski Soccer (M) Soccer (W) Softball Surf/Skate/Snow Swim Tennis Ultimate (M) Ultimate (W) Unified Sports Volleyball (M) Volleyball (W) Wrestling LIST OF CLUBS

7 Rowan Universitys Sport Club Program is dedicated to enriching the educational experience by providing safe opportunities to students for engagement in a variety of physical, sport activities across a broad range of skill levels and experiences. This includes activities that are competitive, semi-competitive, and recreational in nature. Further, the Rowan University Sport Club Program is a training ground for leadership, organizational development, and teaching. Ultimately, the mission is realized through a program that provides diverse sport activities while also affording the students opportunities to develop skills that will assist them beyond their years spent at Rowan. MISSION STATEMENT

8 Student organizations fulfill a very important role at Rowan University. These organizations provide a medium for students to enhance the lessons learned in the classroom through real life experiences and responsibilities. The sport club program exists not only to provide students with extracurricular competition in sport and the ensuing benefits that sport competition brings, but also to develop skills that will assist students beyond their years spent at the University. While the Assistant Director and other Sport Club staff members assist clubs with administrative needs and policy, the emphasis is on student leadership development and principles of self- governance. Sport clubs are student-run, and within each club the students are directly responsible for all aspects of managing and operating a successful competitive organization. As a result, sport clubs present a unique opportunity for students to develop both their athletic and leadership abilities. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT

9 Competitive Sport Clubs: Currently enrolled students (grad or undergrad), unless there is a special exception designated by your governing body. Non-competitive Sport Clubs (no contests against other colleges): Open to students, faculty/staff, or Rec Center members. Intramural Eligibility ELIGIBILITY

10 Hazing Rowan University defines hazing as any action taken, created, or situated which intentionally or recklessly subjects any person to the risk of bodily harm, mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule; or causing or encouraging any person to commit an act that would be a violation of law or university regulations; for the purpose of initiating, promoting, fostering, or confirming any form of affiliation with a student group or organization. Alcohol or Illegal Substances Not allowed on trips Tobacco Not allowed at any of our facilities Sportsmanship STANDARDS OF CONDUCT

11 Updated Constitution (by end of September) Roster (ongoing creation on our end) Waivers (should be completed before any activity) Practice/Game/Trip Schedule Officer Contact List (notify us via email) Semester/Annual Reports (due dates coming) Attend SC Meetings (dates coming) Submit Paperwork on time (ongoing) Community Service (one per semester) MAINTAINING YOUR CLUB


13 Required President Treasurer Risk Manager Suggested VP Secretary Marketing/PR Others? OFFICER ROLES

14 Primary liaison with the SC Office Keeps club members compliant with all policies Assures all paperwork/reports are complete Submits facility requests for any space needed Attends all SC trainings and meetings Works on transition to new officers Assists other officers with all of their assigned duties Other duties as assigned PRESIDENT ROLES

15 Collects dues or assures that dues are paid Maintains records of receipts and expenditures Submits reimbursement requests or assists other club members in doing so Submits all invoices in prompt manner for payment Submits officials paperwork when applicable Assists in any other financial matters as needed TREASURER ROLES

16 Submits travel itinerary for any club travel off-campus Completes club Emergency Action Plan with regards to any off-campus activity Completes injury report in the event a SC Staff member is not present Checks out a FA kit for any off-campus travel Maintains copies of club emergency contacts Obtain FA/CPR Certification (provided by us) RISK MANAGER ROLES

17 VP Assist President with any duties as needed Attend meetings in absence of President Potential President-in-waiting Marketing Maintains clubs Social Media Creates club flyers Communicates with SC Marketing Staff Secretary Takes attendance at practices and meetings Assists with any paperwork or semester/Annual Reports OTHER OFFICER ROLES

18 Need to maintain being a STUDENT org Coaches shouldnt run the club or fulfill officer duties unless that coach is a student Our office does not hire/fire the coach, but can assist in those processes Important to designate what the coachs duties are, what the clubs duty is Final say goes to the club Is your club looking for a coach? (start a list) Coach benefits Rec Membership or potential pay Coachs contract COACH/ADVISOR ROLES


20 Key to your success, and maximizing our ability to help you communicate with… The Sport Club office (Gary and Bill) Denise (Rec Secretary) Staff on-site at your events Sport Club Liaisons COMMUNICATION

21 Announcer Work with Marketing team PPT Flyers Utilize Graphic Designers, but well in advance Digital Signage Tabling- Rec/SC Res Life Boards Duplicating Logo and Branding Guide Social Media MARKETING

22 Style Guide Competitive vs. Non Color Variations Dont alter Get approved T-shirts, etc… LOGO USAGE

23 Submit an Announcer Reserve a room or table At Rec vs. elsewhere Request practice space Hang things on RA Boards Use digital signage Order from Duplicating Use social media Be active Be informative Be interactive Follow us, well follow back! HOW TO…

24 Club use only Deadlines for submission Sending to me Frequency Employees also SUBMITTING ROWAN ANNOUNCERS

25 Facebook/RowanSportClubs Twitter @RowanSportClubs #ProfPride Rec Center FB/Twitter/Instagram RowanRecCenter Follow us! 1000 Tweet Goal SOCIAL MEDIA



28 IM Field No smoking, pets, alcohol, vehicles allowed Follow reservations, show up for them too If its nice out, leave it unlocked Key list, lights Making the call on weather Rec Center Court priority Abiding by Rec policies Gym workouts REC FACILITIES

29 No gum, food, drink, smoking, sunflower seeds Wait until Athletics is done Never without supervision Enter by the Team House TURF RULES

30 How to pay dues, fundraising money Ordering from Vendors New vendor- W9, NJ BRC Ask early in your process! Include me on emails, send me invoices Plan a budget Reimbursement Tracking member dues Allocation usage, carry-forward More in-depth focus at September officer meeting Bring your treasurers This stuff takes time and planning! FINANCIAL


32 How we determined your money Tiers, Multipliers, Points, Deductions, Requirements How you can assure all your money Clubs went up, money stayed same When we can, we increase funding, trying for more next year, so it is important that clubs do their part in abiding by everything, setting goals, being awesome Revised funding model discussed at next meeting FUNDING MODEL


34 Potential for new clubs Limited based on space Petitioning Process 1-year process, will be stricter No funding Tougher requirements this year New Club Interest Meeting will be held… September 24 th and October 15 th at 5pm NEW CLUBS

35 Rowan Sport Clubs are required to complete all club duties as outlined today and in Manual Strikes will accumulate throughout the course of one full academic year. Upon receiving any strikes, a meeting must be held with the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs to review each situation. All missed meetings will require a makeup meeting with a Sport Club staff member. All missing reports/forms are required to be handed in late. When a club accumulates 6 strikes or more, the club will be considered eligible for decharterment. The club will be dechartered at the discretion of the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs. Petitioning clubs will automatically need to restart the petitioning process upon receiving any strikes. SC STRIKE SYSTEM

36 Missed Officer Meeting – 1 Strike A club will receive 1 strike for missing any officer meeting (1 per month) throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Missed Semester/Annual Report – 2 Strikes A club will receive 2 strikes for failing to hand in a semester or annual report. Missed Service Project – 2 Strikes A club will receive 2 strikes for missing a service project. Two service projects are required each academic year (1 per semester). Missed Officer Training – 2 Strikes A club will receive 2 strikes for missing mandatory officer training (offered at the beginning of each school year). STRIKES

37 Gary Baker 856-256-4908, Text my cell with your number Bill Moylan 856-256-4982, Text his cell with your number Use cell in case of emergencies or something URGENT! Rec Center- 856-256-4900 Public Safety- 856-256-4911 (emergencies) IMPORTANT CONTACT NUMBERS

38 Every SC activity could be a Special Event Work with clubs on creating Special Events out of their events; at least one for each club Plan, promote, execute Tie it to a philanthropy Longboard Challenge, Rugby Homecoming, Ice Hockey events, Lax Tournaments, Parkour trips, Golf Scramble, etc… SPECIAL EVENTS

39 Monthly SC Philanthropies September- Alexs Lemonade Stand October- Breast Cancer Awareness November- Canned Food Drive Ends on 11/15 at football game vs. TCNJ December- Toy Drive Spring Service? Club Requirements- 1 per semester SLVCE Office Website Newsletter COMMUNITY SERVICE

40 Website Waivers Injury Report Reimbursement Request Dues Form Look at Online Forms What is required of EVERYONE? Location of Forms PAPERWORK



43 Purpose of travel itineraries Travel options Out of pocket, drive own cars Out of pocket, reimbursement Buses, costs… flights? Driver Waivers Risk Mgmt Emergency Plan for the road FA Kits Emergency contacts Overnight stays Request for excusal from class CLUB TRAVEL

44 Online Paperwork Prof Points FA Bags, Risk Mgmt. Social Media Marketing Website Updates Philanthropy Budget/Finance Sport Club Liaisons STAFF ASSIGNMENTS

45 Googledocs Rosters Dues List Emergency Contact Info Who to share with Competition reports Other forms? More online form submission ONLINE PAPERWORK

46 Show and Tell! ONLINE PAPERWORK

47 Recruiting Practice Attendances Communication within club More service projects Define officer roles/responsibilities Better fundraising WHERE CLUBS FEEL THEY COULD IMPROVE

48 Recruiting Late Night at the Rec Info Meetings set up Practice Attendances Encourage them to hold people accountable Encourage them to all pay dues Communication within club Facebook group Email lists Googledocs for rosters/dues HOW WE CAN HELP WITH THOSE

49 More service projects Monthly options through our SC program Define officer roles/responsibilities Set this up for Officer Training Set up additional officer trainings, specifically for finance, travel & risk Better fundraising Track dues Fundraising sheets through the Foundation office Set up dropdown menus through foundation? HOW WE CAN HELP WITH THOSE

50 Recruiting opportunities Late Night, SC Expo, Info Meetings, Announcers Marketing Flyers in Res Halls, TVs, Announcers, Social Media Speed Up Reimbursements Make expectations clear Practice Space More turf time Lining Fields Already talked with grounds Track Dues and give online access Working on it! HOW YOU SAID WE CAN HELP YOU

51 What are the risks associated with clubs? Aware of safety concerns Different Locations Inside Rec IM Field Stadium Esby Off-Campus Locations Always act as a first responder, secure scene, initiate EAP Work with the Rec Center Staff Act within your certification EMERGENCY PROCEDURES

52 Common Injuries Reporting Injury Contact Rec, Public Safety or 911 What, who, where, care given, state of victim Higher Risk clubs Concussion Risks Visiting athletes Injury reports Athletic Trainers & EMS SC Staff Roles Potentially denying re-entry Utilize new Wellness Center EMERGENCY PROCEDURES (CONT.)

53 Go through proper channels Keep us in the loop Plan things out ahead of time, not last minute Let us help you out! PLANNING EVENTS

54 Different than mandatory budget stuff Attending other clubs events Attending Rowan Athletics events Homecoming participation Extra service $1500 available each semester Social Media points? Quiz on officer manual Miss a requirement, eliminated More detail coming next meeting? PROFPOINTS

55 Monthly Meetings 9/23 & 9/26 10/21 & 10/24 11/18 & 11/21 Paperwork Deadlines Constitution by the end of September Midyear reports due 12/12 Midyear Meetings Week of December 16th IMPORTANT DATES

56 Homecoming Participation Put in Prof Country pic here Contact Constantine Alexakos Updated Manual on the website PPTs from all Officer Meetings will be on the SC website ODDS AND ENDS

57 NOW- what are your three goals? Anything additional? Also let us know what you want to be covered in monthly officer meetings. GOALS REVISITED

58 9/23 or 9/26 More financial Prof Points Budget System NEXT MEETINGS

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