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Implement Educate Monitor Ask Before You Act September/October 2009.

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1 Implement Educate Monitor Ask Before You Act September/October 2009

2  16.02.3 Extra Benefit. An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representative of the institution’s athletics interests to provide a student-athlete or the student-athlete’s relative or friend a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. (2009-10 NCAA Division I Manual, p.195).  If it is offered to everybody, it is not an extra benefit.  Anything “Free” is Suspicious.  EXAMPLES  Football – Career Services  Wildcat Club Office Pictures  Phone Calls

3  As a general rule, you are permitted to contact PSA’s through social networks.  Limitations  When sending a friend request you cannot include a custom email message, unless the PSA is beyond the contact window. September 1 st of Junior Year for all sports except Men’s Basketball (June 15 following Sophomore Year).  Twitter  No specific name listed in Tweet (message).  You may communicate through a direct message to the PSA through a tweet but, if you know that the PSA is receiving the message as a text through a phone you may not tweet.

4  Coaches notify the Compliance Staff of Roster Update with a roster list or completed Team Roster Form (TRF).  Compliance office will give the student-athlete a Clearance for Practice form.  After SA has completed a physical, filed insurance information, and filled out NCAA paperwork. A copy of the Clearance for Practice form will be emailed to coaches and given to the student. This also applies to temporary certification.  (The form can then be used to verify completion of insurance, medical, and NCAA paperwork)  Upon certification student-athlete and coaches will be notified of eligibility status by email or Eligibility Checklist Form.

5  Team Roster Forms  Roster Additions  Telephone Logs  Contact/Evaluation Logs  Weekly Practice Worksheets  Completed Weekly and turned in monthly.  Sport specific spreadsheets available from Will  Student-Athlete signature in compliance office.  Playing Season Worksheets

6  Meal Provision must be identical.  Home Games  Beginning the evening before the competition meals may be provided.  Upon release, a meal or $15 may be provided (but not both).  Away-from-Home  All may receive a pregame or postgame meal or $15 (but not both) in addition to regular meals. Or  All may receive meals from the time they report for travel until they return. (No cash may be used in this option and, no meals after released to travel with family.)

7  Student-athletes may not meet with a coach during a scheduled class.  Coaches and sport-specific staff may not contact Faculty, Professors, or Financial Aid in regard to student-athlete issues. Compliance and Advising will help in these instances. They may contact for the purpose of organizing a recruit visit.

8  Qualifiers Only on Campus  Applies to Recruited Student-Athletes who have been offered Aid.  Meeting with Compliance Staff for Visits  Official Visits and Unofficial Visits  Initial and Transfer Eligibility Awareness  Questions, Concerns, Comments ?

9  An institutional employee or representative of the institution’s athletics interests may not provide a student-athlete with extra benefits or services like transportation (e.g., a ride home with a coach), except as permitted in 16.9.1-(e), even if the student-athlete reimburses the institution or the staff member for the appropriate amount of the gas or expense.  For example, a coach or staff member may not give a student-athlete a ride home from practice or a home game even if they pay the coach, staff member, or department for the cost of gas.

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