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TITLE DATE Sailability Conference Canberra March 26 & 27 2013 Yachting Australia Sport Development Perspectives.

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1 TITLE DATE Sailability Conference Canberra March 26 & 27 2013 Yachting Australia Sport Development Perspectives

2 Background

3 Yachting Australia High Performance Sport Development (Clubs, Pathway Levels 1-6 ) Eight States & Territories Events Corporate Services

4 Sport Development Ross Kilborn Participation Daisy Brooke Education & Training Nicola Tyre Sport Services Glen Stanaway Communication

5 Yachting Australias perspective PastPresentFuture

6 Sailing in Australia Participation in sailing is stagnant at best over the last generation and decade Sailing ranks in the 30s in terms of participation in around 90 recognised sports 350 yacht clubs belong to 8 State/Territory Associations, but only 120 have more than 100 members Yachting Australia (and maybe the sport) have not invested in professional sport development Until 2010 Yachting Australia had no budget for participation

7 Sailability - perspectives International Program Unrealised potential for sailing to build community profile a competitive advantage 20% of population Absence of pathway - for sailors Opportunities for economies of scale – at clubs Volunteers – varying levels of skills and recognition Risk Profile

8 The Plan …..

9 Sport Development Plan 2011-14 Enabled by ASC Funding Evidence based ABS statistics gemba Report Other sports and countries Built in collaboration with State Associations Performance Measures

10 Planning process EvidenceAspirationPlansActionsResults

11 2010 Watershed Australian Sports Commission Participation Funding Yachting Australia applied & successful for three programs Additional ASC Funding for market research – especially for the new Entry Program / Brand gemba Report Discover Sailing

12 Programs proposed to ASC Discover Sailing – conduct market research and be guided by it, along the line of go sailing Tackers – Australia wide roll out of a successful Victorian pilot Program Sailability – ask the Yachting Australia Sailability Committee for the priorities Discover Sailing Days Experiences Courses Crewing Tackers (Kids) Sailability (All Abilities)

13 The Yachting Australia Sailability Committee Plan – November 2011 high priorities identified by the committee were the - development of the Sailability website, inclusion of the Sailability program into general club activities, and development of instructor resources and an induction scheme.

14 University of Technology Sydney Research Report 2010 Participation and non-participation of people with disability in sport and active recreation Researching more than 1000 people with disability, rather than relying on the assumptions from people within the sport sector. Both participants and non-participants in sport and active recreation Although a number of constraints affect the participation of people with disability, individuals did not regard their impairment as the major reason for non- participation.

15 Enablers to participation providing easily accessible information on local sport and active recreation opportunities reducing the costs associated with participation (e.g. transport, equipment, registration fees) increasing staff training (to facilitate participation) integrating sports opportunities.

16 The ASC Funding Budget for Sailability -2011-14 Three Years (expires next June ) -Income $150k -ASC $75k -Other $75K -Expenses $ 150k -Development Costs $50k -Club Resources $45k -Marketing Materials $55 -Need to source other income

17 Chance of Funding Renewal ? Measurement of Participation Volunteers Sailors Levels of Training Delivered Other Funding Raised

18 Australian Sports Foundation Project Allows tax deductible status for donations to registered sports projects Many clubs have existing projects and or TDGR The Yachting Australia Project is open. Donor can Nominate purpose Nominate club/program Express interest in bequests

19 Some other perspectives

20 Benefits of Club Membership Inclusion Options for involvement Social Engagement Pathways Economies of scale Connection Communication

21 Reducing the cost …shared facilities

22 Risk Mitigation – shared resources Incorporated Association Public Liability Insurance Safety & Risk Management Plans OHS Compliance Personal Accident Insurance for sailors & volunteers Commercial Vessels – any boat used for a fee for non members New national legislation & regulation Unless a member of a community organisation

23 The Sailing Pathway







30 The future

31 Sailability Future Clubs InclusiveFunded Volunteers TrainedRecognised Sailors PathwaysFulfilled

32 Conclusion We all want more people to discover sailing Sailability currently comes in many flavours The ASC is helping Yachting Australia help State Association to help sailing and clubs be more inclusive in everything we do – we call it Sailability

33 Summary Neil – Chair Sailability Australia Committee we are all here to increase the opportunities for people to have a great time sailing this conference is for the major players to create forward movement in a uniform way Hamish – Australian Sports Commission there is huge potential for sailing the Australian Sports Commission is helping major sports increase participation, international success and sustainability, but they are accountable


35 Summary - David its about choice for the individual inclusion vs segregation vs integration

36 Summary Ross – YA Sport Development Director Yachting Australia Perspectives and particularly the importance of offering sailors (including all abilities) choice about progression on a pathway and social inclusion at clubs major mutual benefit of clubs and Sailability Programs working together Karyn - YA Board Member – Thank you for your huge contribution to date. The Yachting Australia Board fully endorse the objective of increasing the inclusion of people of all abilities at clubs

37 Summary Graham – RPYC the pathway at the club, recreational, intermediate, high performance, for diverse sailors using diverse boats sailability membership model inclusion at the club

38 Summary Daisy - Aspirational Sailability Committee Priorities 1.More consistent approach to more people of all abilities sailing and involved in all club activities 2.Increased awareness & education of inclusion at clubs 3.Attract & train volunteers 4.Enhanced on line communication with Sailability participants – volunteers and sailors 5.Significant increase in the number of people on the pathway

39 Summary Nicola – YA Education & Training Manager the pathways in practice, and the learn to sail course at levels 1,2,3 on the pathway the key role of instructors in retaining people in sailing the learn to sail program is inclusive its our attitude at the start of a difficult undertaking that will ultimately determine the outcome

40 Summary Glen Stanaway – YA Sport Services Member safety first positive attitude to safety rather than protectionist membership protection ( avoiding discrimination & harassment) is part of safe environments Yachting Australia aims to provide the resources, in both safety & risk management and membership protection templates to help clubs and programs that do not have them in place

41 Summary Terry Peek Special Olympics is a pathway, at the moment the only HP pathway for people with an intellectual disability. Encourage increased general participation with increased repetition, and time/support. Create opportunities for me to help you to do this

42 Follow Up Resources on website by end April There will be a satisfaction survey – so make sure your State Sailability delegate has your email address

43 Communication Recognise Graham Adam Annual magazine & quarterly newsletter How do we get them to everyone ? Word of mouth External communication ?

44 Thank You Daisy Brooke Neil and the Sailability Committee Australian Sports Commission Presenters Vic Silk (photos & videos)

45 Resources Your State Association The Yachting Australia website for existing sailors (will include all the conference materials & videos ) The Discover Sailing website for potential new sailors

46 Thank you

47 Conclusion We all want more people to discover sailing Sailability comes in many flavours The ASC is helping Yachting Australia help State Association to help sailing and clubs be more inclusive in everything we do – we call it Sailability

48 Good luck To everyone sailing or supporting or officiating this weekend Enjoy Canberra Yacht Club

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