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TITLE DATE The Discover Sailing Program Club Implementation August 2012.

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1 TITLE DATE The Discover Sailing Program Club Implementation August 2012

2 Outline Recap Yachting Australia Plan Club Ten Point Implementation Plan

3 Recap – Communications to date December 2011 – Sport Development Plan 2011-14 January 2012 – gemba Report March 2012 – Gold Card Newsletter Q1 March 2102 - Letter to YATC’s April 21012 - Letter to Commodores June 2012 – Renewal Letter to YATC’s June 2012 – Gold Card Newsletter Q2 July 2012 – Instructor Newsletter July 2012 – Discover Sailing Update – ppt with sound

4 Discover Sailing - Program Definition The Program is an Australia wide initiative that engages Yachting Australia, the State Associations and Clubs in a common objective of increasing participation in safe sailing at member clubs. It is primarily an attraction strategy and includes everything Yachting Australia does that services Australians who are not yet sailing at clubs.


6 Program Components Discover Sailing Days – Australia wide day and at clubs as often as they chose (2012 Vic = Nov 11) Discover Sailing Experiences – first step – new Discover Sailing Courses – dinghy & keelboat Tackers – juniors the highest priority ( + families) Sailability - including 20% of the population Crewing for someone – most people don’t own a boat Sailing Holidays Sailing Pathways – for retention

7 Resources for the public for Club Officials under Education & Training Participation Promotional Materials – brochures, banners, decals etc from OnLine Shop Mobile Display Stand for Events / Boat Shows etc IT – myClub & myCentre for measuring results

8 Yachting Australia’s Plan

9 Yachting Australia Plan 2011-12 Roll out Tackers Research & Design Entry Brand & Launch to Clubs Support Sailability 2012-13 Support States helping clubs implement Continue development Measure & Monitor 2013-14 Broader public awareness




13 Yachting Australia 2012-13 Plan Tackers roll out Sailability support Discover Sailing Continue Development eg website Guidelines for Hosts & Discover Sailing Days Discover Sailing Experience Collect low hanging fruit eg member gets member Local Area Marketing via Clubs Commence Commercialisation Communications Plan

14 Ten Point Club Implementation Plan

15 Discover Sailing – Ten Point Club Plan 1.Have a Plan 2.Consider the gemba Recommendations 3.Adopt the Sailing Pathway 4.Communicate the Club’s interest in new members 5.Appoint Discover Sailing Hosts 6.Consider Discover Sailing days 7.Consider the Learn to Sail Courses and Experience 8.Promote Crewing opportunities 9.Promote the Club externally 10.Establish a method of measuring your results

16 1. Have a Plan  Is increased participation a priority right now ?  What do you want to achieve ? By when ?  What target groups ? (young people, crew, families etc ? )  Who will work on this ?  Who is responsible ?

17 2. Consider the gemba recommendations  Six key recommendations for clubs  Work out which ones could benefit your club & action them

18 3. Adopt the Sailing Pathway  Review that sailing pathway. It appears at under Participation  Which steps do we want to be really good at ?  What do we need to do to achieve that ?  Steps 1-3 Learn to Sail Courses  1 Learn to Sail  2 Better Sailing  3 Learn to Race  Step 4 Introductory Racing / Green Fleet  Step 5 Club Racing  Step 6 Club Coaching


20 4. Communicate the Clubs interest in new members  Update your Club Profile in MyClub – this is what the Discover Sailing website takes people to  Make sure the front page of your website has a prominent entry point for non members  Consider adopting the Discover Sailing logo  Consider external signage – is it welcoming and helpful ?  Consider the facilities – are they welcoming, and inclusive ?

21 5. Appoint Discover Sailing Hosts  The gemba “Ask me anything person”  Read the Guidelines for Hosts at under Participation  Identify and invite appropriately skilled people  Engage all club members in promoting Discover Sailing and welcoming visitors

22 6. Consider Discover Sailing Days  Do we want to run our own Discover Sailing Days ?  Do we want to be part of the State / National Discover Sailing Days ?  Guidelines for running Discover Sailing Days are at under Participation

23 7. Consider Discover Sailing Courses  Do we want to run Learn to Sail courses in Dinghies or Keelboats or for Juniors ?  Have we aligned them to the sailing pathway ?  Consider the value of  Tackers – our highest priority  Sailability – welcoming and inclusive  Details to become a Discover Sailing Centre are at under Education and Training

24 8. Promote Crewing Opportunities  Link your clubs website to the Crew Matching Service on  Promote crewing opportunities on your own website and noticeboard

25 9. Promote the club externally  Local Area Marketing  What Discover Sailing Promotional Materials would be useful for us ?  Purchase available materials at

26 10. Measure your results  How do we know if this is all working ?  Measure number of participants, number of new members  MyClub  MyCentre  Do we want to survey participants as to their satisfaction ?  Share your results

27 The Challenge of Change !

28 More Information or to get Involved Contact State Associations

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