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Community Sport & Recreation: Partnership, Participation, Performance Paul Jurbala Join In Northumberland - June 6, 2012.

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1 Community Sport & Recreation: Partnership, Participation, Performance Paul Jurbala Join In Northumberland - June 6, 2012

2 Canadian children are heavier, taller, fatter, rounder, less flexible and weaker than in 1981. Forecasts accelerated development of non- communicable disease, increased health care costs and loss of future productivity


4 Many issues Competition from screen time Declining participation in some sports Increasing participation costs Limited access to facilities Decaying infrastructure Fewer volunteers Limited capacity of organizations Coach knowledge and education Parent and coach pressure on young athletes

5 How can we build effective partnerships within sport, recreation, education and health to improve participation and program quality?

6 Were number 2! NSNVO, 2004

7 Were number 1! Organizations… 21% 33,649 19% 12% NSNVO, 2004

8 Percent of Volunteers… 28% 5.3 million 26% reported losing volunteers (#1) 65% cant get the kind they need (#2) 26% reported losing volunteers (#1) 65% cant get the kind they need (#2) NSNVO, 2004

9 Percent of Revenues… 5.4% 65% of revenue is earned (non- govt) (#3) NSNVO, 2004

10 How do we connect the silos?

11 Education Sport Health Recreation Canadian Sport for Life!



14 Recreation / Physical Activity Physical Literacy CompetitiveSportParticipation Excellence Every child should be physically literate (competent in fundamental movement and sport skills) There is an optimal development pathway from playground/pond to podium Every Canadian should be physically active for life through participation in sport and recreation 100% of population Infant Senior Active for Life Canadian Sport For Life Believes… Awareness First Contact


16 Paradigm Shift Physical Literacy Excellence Life-longActivity Stages of Long Term Athlete Development Many Any time Few

17 Physical Literacy: Fundamental Movement Skills + Fundamental Sport Skills = Physical Literacy… the foundation for both Participation & Excellence Active Start FUNdamentals Learn to Train Age 0 – 6 Age 6 – 9 Age 9 – 12 Fundamental sport skills Begin structured sport & competition FMS

18 Fundamental Movement Skills: RunningJumpingSwimmingSliding/skating Locomotor SendingReceivingDribblingStriking ObjectAgilityBalanceCoordinationRhythm Body


20 Physical Literacy is the Common Ground For Health: PL is a basis for increased life-long participation, better physical and emotional health, and thus reduced health-care costs. For Education: PL is a basis for increased physical activity and thus better focus & learning. For Recreation: PL is a basis for increased community physical activity and a logical focus for multi-sport/activity programs for age 0-9. For Sport: PL is a basis for improved sport performance building the total athlete.

21 Alignment of interests in the community Parks & Rec Club Sport Schools Facility Access Public Health Physical Activity & Wellness Public reach Coaches, volunteers

22 So if CS4L and physical literacy tell us why we should get together… how and where do we get together?


24 Six Kinds of Promising Practices 1.Integrated Sport and Recreation Strategies 2.Community Sport Councils 3.Joint-use Facility Agreements and Innovative Facility Partnerships 4.Fair and Equitable Facility Allocation 5.Resources for Recreation/Sport Integration 6.Integrating CS4L into Sport/Recreation training programs

25 Integrated Municipal (Regional) Sport/Rec/Ed/Health Planning: Vancouver Sport Strategy

26 Vancouver Sport Strategy: Six Goals 1.Strengthened Interaction 2. Physical Literacy for All 3.Active for Life 4.Enhanced Excellence 5.Quality Facilities 6.Premier Event Destination

27 Key Learning A coordinated partnership and integrated strategy addressing all recreation, sport and physical activity is the best way to achieve optimal community benefit with available resources.

28 Resources for Integration & Partnership: BCRPAs Integration Project

29 BCRPA Sport and Recreation Integration Project: Goals To understand the current barriers that exist between community sport groups and municipal recreation departments; To create a toolkit of resources to foster connections between sport and recreation; and To develop a plan to disseminate and implement the toolkit.

30 BCRPA Integration Project: 12 Initiatives…the Toolkit 1.Sport Council development 2.Co-operative model for program development 3.Embrace the LTAD model 4.Collaborative development of physical literacy 5.Collaborative promotion of local sport 6.Unified registration 7.Definition of partnership principles 8.Creation of grassroots networking opportunities 9.Collaborative approach to facility planning/operations 10.Rationalization and allocation of resources 11.Integrated risk management 12.Integrated instructor/coach training

31 A Forum for Partnership: Community Sport Councils

32 Community Sport Councils in Ontario: Connecting Grassroots Sport and Recreation Mississauga Hamilton Toronto North Bay Aurora Ottawa Sudbury Niagara Orillia Oshawa London K-W Auror a

33 Community Sport Councils: Mission Connect: Sport orgs, municipalities, region, schools, colleges & universities, health and private sector. Share: Resources, good practices, joint programs (e.g. event hosting), tools (e.g. on-line registration, education). Develop: Sustainability, volunteers, coaches, capacity. Promote & Celebrate: Quality sport, volunteers, athletic accomplishment.

34 W e have the evidence… We have the volunteers… We have the common cause (CS4L and physical literacy)… We have the forum (Community Sport Councils)… We have lots of potential partnership projects (joint strategies, integrated programs, joint resources)… We have examples and templates from across Canada… So whats holding us back?

35 Next Steps? Paul Jurbala or on the interwebs…

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