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Guess to topic Here are the key words, but what is todays topic? Financial or material assistance Publicity Sponsorship Recipient Brand awareness Recognition.

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1 Guess to topic Here are the key words, but what is todays topic? Financial or material assistance Publicity Sponsorship Recipient Brand awareness Recognition by association Advertising Image Promotion Complete the starter task on the worksheet

2 Sponsorship in Sport GCSE Physical Education

3 The new module… International & Social Factors Sponsorship Media International sports and events Competition design The Olympics Health & Safety in sport

4 Title Objectives (what you should learn) Content (you should understand these issues) Sponsorship To consider the way in which sponsors are involved in sport. To consider the range and scope of sponsorship. To consider the ease of obtaining sponsorship and the benefits for the sponsors. To consider the types of sponsorship that sponsors provide. To consider some aspects of sponsorship that might not be acceptable. To look at the advantages and disadvantages of sponsorship. Range and scope and the effects of sponsorship Advantages and disadvantages to the sponsor, the performer and the sport/activity Ease of obtaining sponsorship at various levels and at different profile levels of sport. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable types of sponsorship. Sponsorship in Sport

5 Objectives ALL 1. will understand what sponsorship is 2. must be aware of the different types of sponsorship. MOST1. should be able to explain how the sport, individual, team or event influences the types of sponsorship attracted (understanding the business element to sponsorship) SOME1. could suggest what is and isn't acceptable in sponsorship (future lesson) and predict future 'SHIFTS' in sponsorship 2. will lead group preparations for a presentation

6 Sponsors in the UK now invest more than 1 billion pounds annually in sport.

7 What is sponsorship? Sponsorship is a commercial deal where a business provides support, usually financial, for a team, athlete or event. Companies hope to enhance their advertising and brand recognition by association with a sport or athlete, presenting their brand and products in a positive light.

8 Forms of sponsorship Brand names on kit Banners at grounds and in arenas Adverts in programmes, websites, TV Use of players and team in adverts Personal endorsement of products Free transport, …cars, flights etc. Free kit and equipment Sponsorship of facilities Achievement schemes in schools

9 Forms of sponsorship - examples an event or competition The London Marathon, Virgin a sport Athletics, Norwich Union an athlete David Beckham, Adidas a team Aston Villa, Genting Casinos England Football, Nationwide a facility Friends Provident St. Marys Stadium

10 Why is it hard to get sponsorship? Sponsors like a safe bet! It will be easier to get sponsored if you are already well known. If the sport or the athlete are on TV this will really help to attract a sponsor. It is easier for higher level athletes, players and teams to get sponsored. It is harder for women and ethnic minorities to attract sponsorship. You may write a hundred letters to potential sponsors and get no replies.

11 Your team task… You have a place on the board of a multi-national company and your team are presenting to the board, asking them to make you responsible for this years sponsorship money. You have considered sponsoring a female athlete who represents Great Britain. You have to give a presentation to the board on the strengths and weaknesses of your case so that they can decide which one will benefit the company the most. Remember, the successful team receives a considerable bonus in this company (stickers or SIMS?)

12 Presentation Teams Team 1 Jess - Team Leader Kyle Dan Ryan S Team 2 Mai - Team Leader Adam Laura Joe Dom Team 3 Zoe - Team Leader Alastair Rob Ben Team 4 Russell - Team Leader Liam Lucy Ryan K Possible roles within the team: researcher, secretary (note taker) and spokesperson.

13 Advantages and Disadvantages to the sponsor

14 Sponsorship and the sponsor Advantages Powerful Advertising Healthy positive image Logo seen on TV makes brand well known Successful individuals and teams associated with the sponsor Sponsors pay less tax by sponsoring sport Sponsors may gain good will of local people Sponsors can entertain guests at events Disadvantages Poor behaviour by players or fans can reflect on the sponsor Athletes may be caught taking drugs The team or athlete may not be very successful Players and athletes get injured and may not compete Money paid in sponsorship may not be gained back in sales

15 Advantages and Disadvantages to athletes

16 Sponsorship and the athletes Advantages Young and new stars have money to train and compete, e.g. kit, travel, accommodation etc. Athletes careers are short and top athletes can make a lot of money through sponsorship Young people may receive a scholarship to a college or centre of excellence Disadvantages Young athletes may have sponsorship withdrawn if performances dont improve Players in less well known sports may not get the same opportunity Players may feel exploited by a sponsor Athletes have no choice over equipment

17 Advantages and Disadvantages to the sport

18 Sponsorship and the sport Advantages Promotion of the sport especially if sport is televised Help with the expense of staging events Can raise the performances of the athletes Money paid to the sport can be used to improve facilities, coaching and to increase participation Disadvantages Sponsors may want more control of the sport Sponsors may want to reschedule events at peak TV times Some sports may be moved to different times of the year Governing bodies may come to rely on sponsorship, deals are not forever

19 Is it the wrong image for sport? There are very important issues to consider when deciding what types of companies should sponsor sport. A sponsor may be bad for the image of a sport or may give out the wrong message to athletes and especially young people. Sports sponsored by alcohol and tobacco companies are subject to very strict guidelines.

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