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Operational Excellence Profitability from 5% to12% 2009 Copyright MPPiTEC nv.

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1 Operational Excellence Profitability from 5% to12% 2009 Copyright MPPiTEC nv.

2 Systematic continuous management of all processes and resources owned by the business to achieve world class performance:- Efficient utilisation of tools Optimization of resources Elimination of process waste / inefficiencies Continuous improvement measured with KPI´s 2009 Copyright MPPiTEC nv.

3 Is a LEAN technique used to analyze the flow of materials and information currently required to bring a Product or Service to the consumer:- Value Stream Mapping Visualize your processes Eliminate waste Increase profits 2009 Copyright MPPiTEC nv.

4 Identify processes were LEAN techniques can be applied Help reduce / eliminate wait time Eliminate process wait Reduce production cycle and processing time Understand process linkages and dependencies Create the basis of LEAN implementation plan Purpose of Value Stream 2009 Copyright MPPiTEC nv.

5 Systems Product People LEAN Implementation Check List Do CheckAct Plan 2009 Copyright MPPiTEC nv.

6 Share the business challenge with key staff Define business case Define high level business process Define activities for each business process Categorize as value added or non value added Commence CPI framework Apply value Stream Mapping into the Business 2009 Copyright MPPiTEC nv.

7 Define Business Driver Phase Architect & Align Strategies Phase Develop Vision Phase Current State Understanding Phase Future State Design Phase Road Map Development Phase Execution Phase Continuous Improvement Phase Continuous Process Improvement Framework 2009 Copyright MPPiTEC nv.

8 Continuous Process Improvement ensures that all organization factors such as organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, people and technology are not only integrated but are in-sync to deliver specific organizational goals and objectives. Processes are Assets to the organization Systems Product People 2009 Copyright MPPiTEC nv.

9 the LEAN concept Ensuring the fundamental element to LEAN is Continuous Process Improvement. A work-in-progress as it develops, and as your process team leaders evolve to constant change. 2009 Copyright MPPiTEC nv.

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