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Tour Guiding Techniques

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1 Tour Guiding Techniques
Content and Methodology

2 Tourists People who leave their homes to temporarily visit a place
They should be spending and not earning money from the place they visit Reasons can be pleasure, meetings or seminars With the intention of learning something about the place like its history, people, culture

3 Basic factors for a successful tourist destination
Attractions which can be site itself or an event Amenities or facilities like accommodation, food, local, transportation, communication and entertainment at the site Accessibility Peace and order

4 Characteristics of Tourism
Product is not brought to the consumer; The tourism product is not used up, it doesn’t exhaust the country’s natural resources; People-oriented; Labor-intensive; Multi-dimensional; Seasonal; Dynamic; Characterized by the changing ideas of its customers.

5 Nature of Tour Reception & Guiding
First impression of tourists play a very important role Receiving tourists is just like receiving guests in your home Show the best without boasting or overdoing Guiding is not simply telling them “to your left, to your left”, there’s a lot more into it.

6 Duties and Responsibilities
Provide them information and explanations about the place honestly without prejudice; Ensure a factual presentation, make sure to distinguish the truth stories, legends, traditions; Act fairly and reasonably in all dealings with colleagues and co-workers; Always act with tact and diplomacy in dealing with the guests

7 Always report for duty healthy and positive
Never take advantage of the ignorance of the tourists Never allow yourself to be used by unscrupulous organizations who want to take advantage of the tourists Use common sense and be honest by saying “ I don’t know,…I will check,..”

8 Ensure guest’s safety, warn them on:
Plants that might cause some allergies Food and drinks that might not suit their digestive system Elevation for those with vertigo and fear of height Dogs that might bite Presence of pickpockets in crowded areas

9 Protect the reputation of tourism by making every assignment a treat, with respect to the environment, wildlife, sights & monuments, local customs & traditions Act responsibly as representative of the country and the people

10 Communication Skills Language proficiency
Avoid using highfalutin words, use simple, easy to understand words Try to get rid of regional accent Use synonyms to explain, to describe something Use non-verbal communication in a difficult thing or situation

11 Speak audibly, not too soft and not too loud
Conduct your commentary in a relaxed, entertaining manner (they came here to enjoy, remember)

12 Guiding Techniques Be prepared, study the destination
Plan your spiel or commentary, it should be structured Have an update on the local and global news and environmental issues Intercede when necessary in the interaction with the guest and the locals Be aware on the basic human behavior and attitudes

13 Do not research to back up your facts
Be ready for pertinent and impertinent questions In cases of having more than one guide, find some time to sit down, discuss to synchronize information & learn from each other Never tell your personal life at first meeting

14 Never sell anything at first meeting unless they ask
Be punctual at all times. Be there at least one hour before the tour starts Learn map reading Learn how to say NO to indecent proposals

15 Always make a head count before, during and after the tour, especially on stops
Be practical when making judgment, think if the benefit of the majority Be a good decision maker Learn basic first aid

16 Qualities of an effective Tour Guide
Love of country People-loving Open-mindedness Tactfulness Punctuality Proper decorum Honesty resourcefulness

17 Self- confidence Sense of humor Enthusiasm Fairness in treatment Good health Good communicator Patience Reasonable Assertiveness Humble and polite

18 Steps on how to make a commentary
Begin with a smile, greeting and introduction Brief the guests about the tour for the day Review the inclusions and exclusions of the tour Give the distance and traveling time of the destination

19 What to expect from the tour
Give necessary precautions Do not miss to point important landmarks along the way Announce comfort stops Always do the head count

20 Tips for an effective tour commentary
Start with a greeting or introduction Information should be delivered in a manner that would interest the guests Sense of humor should be part of the delivery of information Remember, commentaries help people understand and appreciate what they actually see

21 Face the group, not a few Speak slowly and clearly Voice should be audible Practice eye contact Prepare yourself for questions to be asked Take control of your breathing and emphasize important words

22 Use synonyms, example in explaining something
When mentioning a name, repeat it or spell it Maintain silence, if the need arises Listen carefully to questions and other concerns Never argue with the guests End your tour always by thanking the guests

23 Methodology Discuss the Tour guide Personality Kinds of tour guides
Types of tour guides Scope and responsibilities Rewards of the profession

24 Research Skills Domestic tourism Natural and man-made attractions
Historical sites Events, fiestas National, local and regional boundaries Geography and topography

25 Communication Skills Reading Thinking and writing
Delivery of commentary Verbal and non- verbal

26 Mock tour Inside the classroom Individual commentary-making
Delivery of commentary

27 Actual tour to a destination
Observation from a licensed, professional tour guide how to conduct a tour Critiquing based on tour guiding principles and techniques

28 Tour to a destination with a prepared, memorized spiel or commentary on a chosen tourist attraction ( on the bus) Invite resource speaker, tour guide for additional hands-on lecture/presentation Mock and actual tour is required to complete the competencies of a tour guide


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