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Discretion vs. Simplemindedness

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1 Discretion vs. Simplemindedness
Recognizing and avoiding words, actions, and attitudes that could bring undesirable consequences.

2 Example Do you say or do in private what you would not want to explain in public?

3 What do you say that you will regret?
As responsible people, we should be careful what we say, how we say it, and to whom we say it to. Words can not be taken back once they are said. How many times have you said something that you regret saying, but it was to late?

4 A discreet person will avoid saying things that may have a negative outcome.
Stop: before you say anything, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. By then you would have time to think about what you may say. Listen: make sure they are done talking before you speak. Look: look for different ways to say things so as to say them properly and articulate every word.

5 Rules for discretion What is your motive for what you have said?
Check to see why you want to say what you are about to say. Are you responding to something that they have said that was negative? How is you attitude before saying anything?

6 More rules Practice being honest without being rude or unkind.
Speak the truth, but softly Deal directly with the person if possible, if not, you might not want to deal at all. Always leave off on a positive note Don’t throw in a bunch of stuff from the past

7 More rules Consider the other persons view and feelings.
Don’t disclose information that you shouldn’t about anyone else. Confidentiality should remain confident Never insult a person in front of anyone Make sure their understanding what you are saying before you walk away

8 More rules Evaluate your own life How do people perceive you?
Is your life in order? Are you setting the example? Are you giving people a reason to talk about you when your not there?

9 Simplemindedness Definition: Foolish
Silence is the best and surest way to hide ignorance, most people won’t know your simple until you open your mouth.

10 Keys to Discretion Always consider what the outcome may be
Choose your words carefully Practice good manners, be kind Learn from the past mistakes Avoid any trouble if at all possible

11 Application Greet people with a friendly smile and handshake. Stand when greeting. Address them by their proper name until given permission to greet them informally. Make eye contact Stand when a lady or an older person enters the room. Open doors for those ladies or elderly

12 Desirable consequences
Respect Good first time impression Friendships Responsibility for you and others Restoration of good morals and etiquette Enthusiasm from others to work with you A happy family of respect and honor

13 Group John took a phone call on his cell phone from his wife while at work. He has people around him that are trying to get his attention. She would not call unless it was important. Johnny, his 7 year old son is sick and there is no one to watch him at home and she has to go to work, the babysitter can’t make it. Simple but complex, how will we communicate to each other without causing undesired consequences? How do we handle the other people at work that are also trying to talk to you? Role play this!

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