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PRESENTATION Zepter Jewellery Prepared by :Bridmarketing, International Educational Center Belgrade, Zepter United Kingdom Subject :Zepter jewellery collection.

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2 PRESENTATION Zepter Jewellery Prepared by :Bridmarketing, International Educational Center Belgrade, Zepter United Kingdom Subject :Zepter jewellery collection Time :about 25 minutes

3 TOPICS: 1. How does jewellery communicate 2. About the origins of LIGHTS collection 3. Special features of LIGHTS collection 4. Magnetic jewellery 5. Jewels and personality 6. Let there be LIGHTS! (slideshow)

4 Products: Help to express your personality, emphasise the beauty and style. Your image is evidence of you. Your image says Who you are.

5 Jewellery adds up the final and most important touch to your style Its little game of details which will catch observers eye And in that game you would like to be presented in the best LIGHT Lights Zepter Jewellery assures that your inner shine will be seen!

6 Lights Jewellery communicates: ELEGANTLY FASHIONABLE (we choose eternal beauty, over short trends) PRESTIGE (our design is protected, no other company has the same) QUALITY (under strict EU standards) Our products communicate self-confidence, strong attitude, quality. We are what we wear, our image is who we are, people will cluster us by the picture we communicate to them through our dressing and style code. What other think of us is predicting our future!

7 Beginning: LONDON, England – an important city Why London? Because there you set the trends, fashion and style. London creates and the world follws..

8 The story of creation: LONG AND EXPENSIVE procedure towards uniqueness 1. start: catalogues, fashion magazines, meetings, planning 2. 8 designers work on the new collection (UK based team and 2 in the USA) 3. 100 pictures all hand colored/drafted 4. choice which goes to the model maker 5. masters created 6. choice out of created masters 7. 3 samples per each to be produced 8. meeting with sales people, designer to make the final decision, protection over design 10. production under strict EU standards, Essai office (London) – quality check

9 Now that the collection is created and is time for the Italian refined final touch:

10 Final step before sales: Milano, Italia Why? That is where best world catalogues are created! Italy is the world leader in the printing communication style.

11 The end of the beginning: Collection created, printing material prepared, jewellery is almost on the way to the customer...

12 Special features of our LIGHTS collection: 1. Gold plated 2. Swarovski quality crystals 3. Rhodium 4. Fresh-water Pearls 5. Leather 6. Magnets

13 1. GOLD PLATED - our jewellery is 14kt gold plated! - our jewellery is coated between 1.00 and 3.00 microns GOLD PLATED (majority of world famous companies use only 0.25 micron max to 1.00 micron) - after the layer of gold plating, Zepter adds an additional shine protection, invisible to eyes, for better protection

14 2. SWAROVSKI QUALITY CRYSTALS - our products are using Swarovski quality crystals - white, aquamarine, sapphire, siam, ceylon topaz, colorado topaz, emerald, light rose - for the Lights collection we have chosen 5 standard colors and 3 limited edition colors

15 3. RHODIUM - often used by high quality jewellery producers - this material is recognized for its strength and light weight, from the Platinum family distinguished by dark shades - our collection is always additionally layered with copper, followed by gold, which makes it more valuable and of higher quality

16 4. PEARLS (fresh water) - ultimately feminine: fragile, yet strong - full of life, the pearl captures light and reacts to every movement of the wearers body - our collections choice: rosy, white, grey

17 5. LEATHER - casual: impression of strength and easy-goingness - becomes part of body, worn-off looks smart - our collections choice: BEST QUALITY Italian Calf Leather, with a micro-layer shiny effect, as patent leather

18 6. MAGNETS - sophisticated elegance: impression of strength and power - relieves pain and promotes healing TWO IN ONE: 1. makes you look smart 2. makes you feel good

19 Short History on Magnetic Therapy The first noted application of magnetic field started around 3600 BC in Egypt Also it is known that magnetic ore was used in jewelry in that time too The lack of scientific explanation did not stop usage of positive magnetic effects in that time Starting from 16 th century magnetic therapy came into regular usage by doctors and medical experts

20 The absence of magnetic field Absence of magnetic field syndrome – happened during space exploration in America and Russia Effects: –Fastly becoming tired – Depression –Deconcentration – Osteoporosis Lowering the magnetic field of Earth: –Buildings, vehicles, and electronic smog lowers it –Effects: Headache, Tiredness, Blood pressure or circulation disorder

21 Effects of magnetism Magnetism directly influence our body on cellular and blood level Faster absorption of oxygen and CO 2 by hemoglobin Faster blood circulation Relaxes nerves and muscles Lower rheumatics pain It is used in treatment of heart diseases, blood pressure disorder, arthrosclerosis, sport injuries, breaks

22 Effects of magnetism Relaxing aches and pain Lowering swells Faster wound healing Regulatory function of gland work Lowering stress and improving quality of sleep Better protection from illness caused by microorganisms Rejuvenating energy levels

23 Why magnetic therapy? It is natural method It is simple and painless It influences key of the problem and not just the symptoms No known negative side-effects It is affordable It is long lasting Used in jewellery it can be applied everyday to look nice in the same time

24 5 key summarizing points on Lights collection: Created in LONDON Produced WORLDWIDE Details in MILANO Sold in 40 world countries 6 selling points

25 How to use your Lights jewellery? Treasure it! DO NOT: –Take shower with it –Take bath with it –Spray perfumes, deodorants on it –Apply cream/lotion with it –Go to sauna / hamam with it Only claims which show that usage was proper are replaced

26 Lights is our 8th collection -Until now we have sold over 3 million jewellery pieces worldwide -Which confirms that this jewellery gives salaries and good life to our sales reps

27 But how to be sure which jewellery piece is really the best for you – which one will represent you in the best possible way?

28 Jewels and personality Every piece of jewellery has its own meaning and its purpose The choice is not accidental ! So is it possible to express yourself and recognize what others are through the jewellery? Lets see what jewellery tells about people….

29 Jewellery with blue or turquoise details represent people who have optimistic and self-assured way of living. They are talented in what they do and they dont like routine in their job. They: Are open Like truth more than anything Like to communicate Oriented to philosophy

30 People who wear red jewellery have a strong will and are talented for sales They always fight for justice, like to try a lot of new things Their persistence helps them to get to lifes most rewarding things They: Are organized Are protectors Are calm and nice Are successful in career

31 Yellow jewellery represents those who are active and dynamic They are highly intelligent and like all things connected to movies, books or theatre. They are very easy-going, communicators and always fun to talk with They are: joyful and creative confident and spontaneous team players

32 Black is the color of dignity and it never goes out of fashion It represents attraction, just as a real magnet, restlessness and mystery People with black jewellery often tend to have good psychological skills

33 Green is color of romantic souls and people who are adored because of their character They can also be dreamers and visionaries They like harmony and its really hard to get mad on them They: Are caring and full of love Like to be surrounded with harmony and beauty Are very stable

34 White is color of elegance and openness Do not be surprised with the fact that people who like white are very intuitive Along with their intuition they are expressing lot of creativity in their life and work

35 But, as we all know, pictures speak more than words LIGHT: So, let there be LIGHT:






















57 Touch the light


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