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The Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Developing the Message Strategy.

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1 The Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Developing the Message Strategy

2 Overview Launched in September 2002 Two-fold Objective Raise awareness among women Encourage women to take action Target Public: Women ages 40-60 Red Dress symbol Three-part implementation strategy

3 Formulation of Core Messages and Call to Action Specific message elements (1) prominently state that heart disease is #1 killer of women (2) put a face on heart disease (3) show the consequences of heart disease (4) empower women to lower their risk (5) provide a clear call to action coupled with a sense of urgency Information Model approach to communication (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 2002)

4 Strategic Approach: Creating a Womens Heart Disease Brand Guided by formative research Departure from wellness programs Delivered personal wake up call Focused on consequences of heart disease Created call to action and sense of urgency

5 Campaign Implementation Three Part Strategy Partnership Development Media Relations Community Action

6 Partnership Development American Heart Association National Wear Red Day Fashion industry Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC Red Dress Fashion Show during American Heart Month First Lady Laura Bush Campaign ambassador

7 2013 Red Dress Fashion Show

8 "With the many risk factors for heart disease, our greatest risk is ignorance. So I encourage every one of you to go home, pull out your favorite red dress, and tell every woman you know that heart disease doesn't care what you wear. Mrs. Laura Bush

9 Engaging Non-profit Partners Envisioned to be a partnership-based campaign Partners include… Johnson & Johnson Swarovski Celestial Seasonings Diet Coke Womans Day Glamour

10 Media Relations National Wear Red Day Red Dress Collection for fashion shows Lifetime TV and womens magazines Social Media

11 Community Action Brought campaign to local level through Single City Events Road Shows

12 Results More 40 corporate relationships formed Tens of millions of women reached After one year, awareness raised from 30 to 46 percent Since 2003 The Hearth Truth and Red Dress symbol have been promoted on 2.65 billion product packages Estimated that over 273,000 people reached through just community events

13 Conclusion Exemplifies brand-driven social marketing Appeal of the Red Dress What we learned… Critical to stay on strategy! Risk taking in message development is essential. Thoughtful and aggressive partnership strategy is necessary from the outset.

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