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Kirby Wilcher Cooling Water Systems Engineer

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1 Kirby Wilcher Cooling Water Systems Engineer
Tokamak Cooling Water System Presented to ITER PROJECT 1st INFORMATION FORUM Kirby Wilcher Cooling Water Systems Engineer November 15, 2006

2 Tokamak Cooling Water System Team
Jan Berry WBS Manager Jan Berry WBS Manager Karen McElhaney System Engineer Robyn Rose Project Controls Kirby Wilcher System Engineer

3 Cooling Water System Scope based on 2001 Design
CWS Consists of 4 Systems Tokamak Cooling Water System (TCWS) Component Cooling Water System (CCWS) Chilled Water System (CHWS) Heat Rejection System (HRS)

4 Physical Boundary of TCWS
US Scope

5 Tokamak Cooling Water System
TCWS Consists of 7 Sub-systems Primary Heat Transfer System (PHTS) Primary First Wall & Blanket (PFW/BLK) Diverter/Limiter (DIV/LIM) Vacuum Vessel (VV) Neutral Beam Injector (NB) Chemical and Volume Control System (CVCS) Drain and Refilling Systems Drying System

6 Primary Heat Transfer from In-Vessel Components Fabricated by Sub-System
First Wall & Blanket (WBS ) and Neutral Beam Injector (WBS ): Upper Pipe Chase Vault Diverter/Limiter (WBS ): Lower Pipe Chase Vacuum Vessel (WBS ): Roof PHTS

7 1 GW Heat Removal Required by PHTS; Various Operating Modes
Primary Heat Transfer System (PHTS) Operating Mode Conditions First Wall and Blanket • Pulse: Thermal load (MW) Inlet temperature (°C) Inlet Pressure (MPa) • Baking: Inlet temperature (°C) ~ 690 100 (212oF) 3.0 (435 psi) 240 (464oF) 4.4 (638 psi) Diverter and Limiter 202 4.2 (609 psi) Vacuum Vessel • Decay heat removal: Heat load to Vacuum Vessel (MW) 10 1.8 (261 psi) 200 (392oF) 2.4 (348 psi) 0.8 (peak) Neutral Beam Injector Low voltage: Thermal load (MW) Inlet temperature (°C) High voltage: Thermal load (MW) Inlet temperature (°C) 100 <80 (176oF) 12 30 (86oF)

8 Chemical and Volume Control System; PFW/BLK

9 Chemical and Volume Control System; Various Operating Modes
Operational state or mode Plasma Operation State Baking Decontamination Mode Volumetric Flow Rate (at inlet) 45 m3/h (198 gpm) 90 m3/h (396 gpm) Feed Coolant Temp. 148°C (298oF) 240°C (464oF) 100°C (212oF) Return Coolant Temp. 120°C (248oF) 190°C (374oF) 83°C (181oF) Feed Coolant Pressure 1.7 MPa (247 psi) 4.3 MPa (624 psi) Return Coolant Pressure 3.4 MPa (493 psi) 4.6 MPa (667 psi)

10 Drain and Refilling Systems; DIV/LIM

11 Drain and Refilling Systems; Various Operating Modes
Number of drain tanks* Total internal volume (m3) PFW/BLK PHTS 2 (1) ~ 500 (~132,000 gal) DIV/LIM PHTS ~ 200 (~52,800 gal) VV PHTS 2 ~ 120 (~31,700 gal) NB injectors PHTS 2 (2) *number of tanks in parentheses indicates those used for drainage following an in-vessel coolant leak

12 Drying System

13 Drying System; Various Operating Modes
Blow-out mode Heat-up mode Dry-out mode Fluid Nitrogen Nitrogen + H2O (steam) Fluid Inlet Temp. 40°C (104°F) 210°C (410°F) Fluid Outlet Temp. 160°C (320°F) Fluid Inlet Pressure 4.0 MPa (580 psi) 2.1 MPa (305 psi) 0.6 MPa (87 psi)

14 New Cost Share Agreement Simplifies Interfaces with Participant Teams
Initial cost share agreement divided responsibility by location (inside vault/outside vault) New agreement divides responsibility by activity: US no longer responsible for installation US responsible for materials, components, and shipping Increases US responsibility for fabrication Pre-fabrication reduces overall ITER cost IO responsible for engineering, on-site assembly and testing US ITER is contributing engineering

15 Seven Sub-Systems Distributed Throughout Tokamak Building
Primary Heat Transfer: Vault Upper Pipe Chase Roof Lower Pipe Chase Support Systems: Draining and Refilling (WBS ) Chemical and Volume Control System (WBS ) Drying (WBS )

16 Requirements Under Review
Vendors Must Be Able to Comply with US and EU Codes & Standards American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standards Pressure Equipment Directive (European Union Directive) ESPN (French Order on Nuclear Pressure Equipment) Nuclear vs. Non-nuclear Classification of TCWS Components to be Determined by ITER and French Regulatory Authorities Applicable Codes & Standards Still Under Review Materials of Construction: 304L/316L Stainless Steel

17 Component Delivery by 2014

18 Additional Information
Additional information available at: General Information ITER Technical Basis

19 Detailed Preliminary Schedule and Milestones
Backup Information Detailed Preliminary Schedule and Milestones

20 Preliminary Schedule

21 Preliminary Schedule (Cont.)

22 Systems Integration Preliminary Schedule and Milestones

23 First Wall and Blanket Preliminary Schedule and Milestones

24 Divertor/Limiter Preliminary Schedule and Milestones

25 Vacuum Vessel Preliminary Schedule and Milestones

26 Neutral Beam Injector Preliminary Schedule and Milestones

27 Chemical and Volume Control System— May 2013

28 Draining and Refilling Schedule—June 2010

29 Drying System Schedule—October 2013

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