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ITER Organization, Cadarache, France

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1 ITER Organization, Cadarache, France
ITER CODAC ITER Organization, Cadarache, France Wolf-Dieter Klotz

2 ITER at a glance CODAC overall architecture ITER procurement model Standardization for Instrumentation & Control (I&C)


4 The Core of ITER 29m ~28m Central Solenoid Cryostat
Toroidal Field Coil Nb3Sn, 18, wedged Central Solenoid Nb3Sn, 6 modules Poloidal Field Coil Nb-Ti, 6 Vacuum Vessel 9 sectors Port Plug heating/current drive, test blankets limiters/RH diagnostics Cryostat 24 m high x 28 m dia. Blanket 440 modules Torus Cryopumps, 8 Major plasma radius 6.2 m Plasma Volume: 840 m3 Plasma Current: 15 MA Typical Density: 1020 m-3 Typical Temperature: 20 keV Fusion Power: 500 MW Machine mass: t (cryostat + VV + magnets) - shielding, divertor and manifolds: 7945 t port plugs - magnet systems: t; cryostat:  820 t Divertor 54 cassettes 29m ~28m


6 The ITER Site Area about 60 ha Buildings up to 60m high and 200m long
Tokamak building Tritium building Cryoplant buildings Magnet power convertors buildings Hot cell Cooling towers Area about 60 ha Buildings up to 60m high and 200m long

7 ITER Site Preparation Courtesy AIF The building construction permit was granted in April, 2008. Building construction will begin in 2009.

8 International Cooperation
Seven Parties are involved in ITER Construction

9 Construction Sharing Overall sharing: EU 5/11, other six parties 1/11 each. Overall contingency of 10% of total. Total amount: 3577 kIUA (5079 MEuro-2007) European Union CN IN RF KO JP US Total procurement value : 3021 Staff: 477 R&D: 80 Total kIUA: 3577

10 Construction Sharing C “Contributions in Kind” Major systems provided directly by Parties A Systems suited only to Host Party industry - Buildings - Machine assembly - System installation - Piping, wiring, etc. - Assembly/installation labour Overall cost sharing: EU 5/11, Others 6 Parties 1/11 each Overall contingency up to 10% of total. Total amount: 3577 kIUA (5079 M€-2007) Overall costs shared according to agreed evaluation of A+B+C B Residue of systems, jointly funded, purchased by ITER Project Team

11 What makes ITER different?
Internationally exploited experiment “In-kind” procurement from 7 Parties Nuclear installation – new rules Reliability/availability higher than any previous fusion project Continuous operation rather than pulsed Long timescale to construct, operate, maintain

12 Roles & Responsibilities for Construction
ITER Organization Seven Parties Planning/Design Integration / QA / Safety / Licensing / Schedule Installation Testing + Commissioning Operation Detailing / Designing Procuring Delivering Support installation

13 CODAC Architecture

14 Control, Data Access and Communication
ITER seen by CODAC Control, Data Access and Communication ~150 ‘one off’ industrial plant systems delivered ‘in-kind’ with corresponding package including science diagnostics plasma control industrial control interconnected by dedicated networks

15 3 Tier Segregation CODAC PBS 4.5 Interlocks PBS 4.6 Nucl.Safety
Comm. over Networks

16 Remote Access CODAC - 4.5 CIS - 4.6 CSS - 4.8 Plant Operation Zone

17 A Different View







24 80-100

25 60-80

26 <60

27 unknown

28 CODAC Integrates all Systems

29 CODAC required equipment
Control room equipment Engineering and configuration workstations Scientific tools Remote control rooms management SW Mass data storage Configuration databases Central supervision system Central Alarm system Central timing system Plant interface systems Fast control systems Fast data acquisition systems Plant monitoring systems Slow control systems Industrial automation and control Process instrumentation Various type of networks

30 Interlock & Safety required equipment
Highly reliable and available PLC systems (SIL3 and class 2) Various type of transducers Various type of networks: TCP/IP, Safety field buses, monitored hardwired links Supervisory systems Long term safe data storage Safety operator’s desks

31 CODAC, Interlock & Safety required activities
I&C Support for plant systems Eng. support for CODAC Eng. support for Interlock&Safety Technical specifications Engineering Design Detailed Design Prof-of-concept with prototypes Procurement of equipment SW programming HW assembly HW and SW integration Factory testing Installation and Commissioning

32 ITER IO Contract Strategy
2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 I&C Support for Plant Systems CODAC Support Central Interlock and Safety Systems Support I&C Plant Systems Development I&C Plant Systems realization (~ x100) CODAC sub-systems Development CODAC sub-systems realization (~x 10) Central Safety Systems realization (x 3) Central Interlock Systems realization (x 3) In fund, contracts placed by ITER IO In kind, contracts placed by ITER DAs Task agreements, most probably no contracts with with Industry Assistance Contracts Start Integrated commissioning First Plasma Procurement Start of Tokamak assembly Prototypes realization (x 10)

33 ITER Procurement Model

34 Fund versus In-Kind Procurement
IN FUND - Procurement IN KIND - Procurement

35 Procurement Allocation pg.1

36 Procurement Allocation pg.2

37 Procurement Allocation pg.3

38 Procurement Allocation pg.4

39 Plant System I&C Costs Assume CODAC + Plant System I&C is 7% of total cost low end of typical range amounts to about ➟ 317M€ CODAC (the supervisory part) + CIS + CSS is funded at ➟ 75M needs to be verified if CSS can be included A first (top-down) estimate of Plant System I&C inside procurement arrangements is therefore the remaining ➟ 242M€ EU has ~32.9% of procurement, and probably a greater fraction (~42.2%) of Plant System I&C ➟ 102M€ ~75% is dominated by engineering costs ➟ 76.8M€, rather than component costs ➟ 25.2M€

40 extracted form Integrated Project Schedule
Procurement Schedule extracted form Integrated Project Schedule IPS version 16-May-2008 YEAR 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 No. of Procurements 13 32 22 11 6 Peak in preparing Procurement Arrangements: now to 2010 no new Procurement Arrangements after 2012

41 CODAC Boundary CODAC component Provided to supplier “Ambassador”
Procurement agreement Factory-testing Site acceptance Commissioning

42 The Procurement Chain

43 Integrated Project Teams in the DAs
There is need for efficient communication between CODAC and the Domestic Agency. A model is suggested based on expert centers in the DAs. Experts from the different DAs could spend time in Cadarache to develop a full understanding of CODAC, while at the same time contributing to the development of CODAC itself. When in their Participant Teams, their knowledge can be passed on to the domestic industries or research institutions which, in turn, enhance the contact with the end-suppliers.

44 Standardization for Instrumentation & Control

45 Standards Requirements
Procurement cannot work without Standardization Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) Open Standards Conservative Solutions Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Minimize New Development Very easy to use Low Risk Fast Delivery Low Total cost per channel Bottom Up and Top Down Engineering to PLC

46 Standards ToBeDefined’s
Procurement cannot work without Standardization Plant System Controllers PLCs PCs/PCI Chassis based systems: Compact PCI, PXI, ATCA, AMC, μTCA Open Software Operating Systems (LINUX distribution) SCADA frameworks: EPICS, TANGO RT-OS Development Methodologies/Frameworks PLC programming Application IDEs: Eclipse, Control Studio, ... Network Standards based on Gbit Ethernet Protocols over IP and TCP

47 Standards How To - 3 Sources
Procurement cannot work without Standardization Plant System Host - will be provided by CODAC works as gateway between Plant System and CODAC contains communication middleware maps plant data and protocols to a universal CODAC format miniCODAC - will be provided by CODAC works as portable system for plant design and SAT (may be FAT as well) contains SCADA tools to set up autonomous plant control systems Plant Control Design Handbook - is provided by CODAC is the reference for mandatory and recommended standards

48 The End

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