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Blood Components Consists of: A.) Plasma (55% of the blood)

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1 Blood Components Consists of: A.) Plasma (55% of the blood)
Is a clear, slightly yellow liquid  is 92% water and therefore is an aqueous solution containing dissolved glucose, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and a variety of proteins

2 B.) Cells (45% of the blood) ii.) WBCs (white blood cells)
i.)  RBCs (red blood cells) ii.)  WBCs (white blood cells) iii.)  platelets

3 I.) Erythrocytes (RBC) are round disks that are concave on both sides
contain no nucleus at maturity are produced by red bone marrow every 120 days contain the protein hemoglobin which is an iron based molecule and carries oxygen


5 II: Leucocytes (WBC) life span 3-4 days
primary function is as defense cells less numerous, ratio of RBC:WBC is 770:1 are of two principle types a)  granular (70%) (have multi-lobed nuclei) and contain granules within the cytoplastm Types:      I.  neutrophils which are phagocytic and ingest bacteria      II. eosinophils that are active in response to infections and allergies III. basophils that prevent clotting

6 Basiophil

7 b)  nongranular (30%)(have rounded nuclei)
which include:  I.  lymphocytes which have a role in producing antibodies and function in cellular immunity II.  monocytes that are phagocytic and ingulf foreign substances · an elevated WBC count is used as an indicator of infection

8 D: Thrombocytes (platelets)
 are non-nucleated cell fragments approximately 1/3 the size of a RBC they stick to each other and to the walls of blood vessels at the site of injury and release clotting factors that function in clotting process

9 Activated Platelets Donating Platelets

10 From left to right: Red blood cell (erythrocyte); Platelet (thrombocyte); White blood cell (leukocyte).


12 Transport of Oxygen oxyhemoglobin (hemoglobin bound with oxygen molecules) gives blood the red appearance while reduced hemoglobin (deoxygenated) gives venous blood its darker appearance. Each RBC can carry 250million molecules of oxygen gas.

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