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PeopleSoft Technology Update & Product Roadmap

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1 PeopleSoft Technology Update & Product Roadmap
Jeff Robbins Senior Director, PeopleSoft Strategy

2 Safe Harbor Statement The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

3 Program Investment Strategy PeopleTools 8.53 Features
PeopleSoft Update Manager Future Plans

4 PeopleSoft Roadmap Long Term Investment Strategy
9.2 Feature Packs 9.3 Feature Packs 9.4 Feature Packs 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 PeopleTools 8.54 PeopleTools 8.56 PeopleTools 8.58 PeopleTools 8.53 PeopleTools 8.55 PeopleTools 8.57 PeopleTools 8.59 Ongoing Delivery of Off-Cycle Capabilities PeopleTools Releases & Feature Packs Months Major Releases Every ~3 Years R9.2 EAP Catepillar (HCM) Westfield (HCM) Wellpoint (HCM) Washington University in St. Louis (HCM) Verizon (HCM) Daimler (HCM beta) Intertek (FMS) Franklin Templeton (FMS) AARP (FMS)

5 Design Objectives Based on Customer Feedback
PeopleSoft Interaction Model Interactive Application Content PeopleSoft Application Search PeopleSoft Mobile PeopleSoft Update Manager Intuitive and simple Improved user experience Reduce customizations Allow users to be more effective Improves productivity and efficiency EAP and Beta Customers AARP (FMS/SCM) Adventist (HCM/ELM, FMS/SCM) Caterpillar (HCM/ELM) University of Colorado Boulder (HCM/ELM, FMS/SCM)* Daimler (HCM)* Franklin Templeton (FMS/SCM) German Employment Agency (ELM)* Intertek (FMS/SCM) Inventiv (HCM/ELM, FMS/SCM) Princeton University (FMS/SCM)* Staples (HCM)* State of New Mexico (FMS/SCM)* Verizon (HCM/ELM) Washington University in St. Louis (HCM/ELM) Wellpoint (HCM/ELM) Westfield (HCM/ELM) *Virtual Box Program Only Early Access Partners Accenture (FMS/SCM Testing) Ataway (HCM LAD Testing) BTRG (HCM T&L Testing, FMS/SCM Testing) Cardinal Point Solutions (FMS/SCM Testing) Cedar Consulting UK Cherry Road Cognizant CSC Deloitte Elire (FMS/SCM Testing) Enratio (HCM LAD Testing) Grey Heller Huron Consulting Inerservices KPMG (FMS/SCM Testing) Mipro Consulting (FMS/SCM Testing) Newbury Consulting P&IT (HCM LAD Testing) Quanam (HCM LAD Testing) Regents Consulting SmartERP (FMS/SCM Testing) Succeed Wipro Zanett (FMS/SCM Testing) “Release 9.2 is incredible. It is truly giving the functional teams the ability to deliver so many more automated workflows to our end users which will increase their efficiency in processing AP invoices, Treasury reconciliations, T&E reports. The new WorkCenter concept will allow us to reduce our customizations in half.” - Kathleen Kultys, AVP-Business Finance Manager Chubb Insurance (FMS/SCM customer testing) X “Release 9.2 is phenomenal, we don’t know if there are enough functional people to take in all features… WorkCenters are excellent and will make users more productive and reduce or eliminate customizations.” Unknown University of Louisville? (FMS/SCM customer testing) “WorkCenters in PeopleSoft 9.2 provides users with a single page that contains all of their work.   This new innovation will allow users to be more effective and efficient by the ability to see and manage their work on a single page.  WorkCenters include information users need to complete their tasks, truly making them a one-stop center for users.” - University of Louisville’s David Baugh, Director, Financial Systems X “The new PeopleSoft 9.2 release looks intuitive and simple to use.  We’d expect to see quick user adoption with minimal training.  We also see the opportunity to eliminate customizations based on the new functionality Oracle has delivered in PeopleSoft 9.2.” Cal State University System X “The implementation of Oracle’s PeopleSoft 9.2 will provide AARP with a platform that will allow for system consolidation savings, best in class processes, high power user interface that improves productivity and efficiency, increased financial data visibility and enhanced data integrity, “ said Robert Hagans, Jr, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at AARP.  X “We anticipate that features like pivot grids, enhanced mobile integration options as well as the improved functions and usability in several modules (e.g. Recruiting) will enable our HR users and employees to improve the overall experience with PeopleSoft 9.2. In conjunction with our Exadata/Exalogic infrastructure PeopleSoft 9.2 alongside its interaction-hub will deliver significant benefits for Daimler when it comes to user performance,” said XXX, XXX  at Daimler. X Searchability of items in ePro will make users love it Nationwide  (FMS/SCM customer testing) X “When looking at our PeopleSoft environment Scott & White Healthcare realized we had to make a decision.  Upgrade from 8.9 to 9.1 and keep PeopleSoft as the system of record while implementing a best of breed Talent suite, or move into the future with PeopleSoft HCM 9.2.  After seeing previews of PeopleSoft 9.2 at Open World the decision was made clear.  PeopleSoft 9.2 brought overall usability, Recruiting ,and other Talent Management functions to the next level.  The move to upgrade to 9.2 will bring significant stability, reliability, and an improved user experience to the application.  Together with tools 8.53, Oracle’s Secure Enterprise Search,  and the PeopleSoft interaction-hub enhancements, our executives, managers, and employees will be able to get the right data at the right time.”  Jeremy Pelley, Director of Business Applications X And many PeopleTools Features that are changing the usage paradigm for PeopleSoft Applications

6 Program Investment Strategy PeopleTools 8.53 Features
PeopleSoft Update Manager Future Plans

7 Program PeopleTools 8.53 Features User Interaction Mobile
Reporting & Analytics Integration

8 PeopleSoft User Interaction Enabled for all applications
PeopleSoft Applications now provide: Site-wide branding for consistent look-and-feel Homepage and personalized dashboards Unified navigation across multiple apps Rich user collaboration PeopleSoft Interaction Hub restricted use license included with PeopleTools

9 PeopleSoft User Interaction
Forms-Based Applications are Outdated Web forms that gather data for back-end process automation are No Longer Acceptable for Enterprise Applications. Today, your Employees are asked to: Analyze Visualize Socialize Engage … and the application resources you deploy have to keep up.

10 PeopleSoft User Interaction
Deploy a website for users to access content

11 PeopleSoft User Interaction
Leverage Role-based Dynamic Content

12 PeopleSoft User Interaction
Provide intuitive visual process flow

13 PeopleSoft User Interaction
Associate action with familiar information

14 8.53 Style Enhancements More contemporary look & colors Significant CSS investment, flexible and easily configurable Introduced Gear icons for Pagelets (provides options for pagelet properties) … more

15 PeopleSoft Mobile Solutions Today

16 PeopleSoft + Mobility HTML5 Mobile Solutions
Delivered HTML5 Solutions Mobile Company Directory Mobile Approvals Mobile Expense Mobile eProcurement Planned HTML5 Solutions Time and Labor Absence Management Cash Position Management HR Self-Service

17 PeopleSoft + Mobility Bottom Line – One Solution, Many Devices
Browser Based Platform Independent Multiple Devices

18 PeopleSoft Reporting & Analytics

19 PeopleSoft + Reporting Technology Strategy
Responding to how users work today Functional and Operational Analytics Online, real-time viewing of data Reusable components, multiple publication options Information available where and when it’s needed

20 PeopleSoft + Reporting Technology Strategy
Pivot Grids Much improved graphical charting, SVG, PNG Related Actions integration Pivoting in chart mode (not just grid) Progressive filtering Improved administration Key Screen Shots Paycheck Modeling Recruiting Dashboard Mid-Period Performance Evaluations HelpDesk Global Payroll Monitoring Desktop Integration with Absence Management Reconfigured Time Reporting

21 Program Investment Strategy PeopleTools 8.53 Features
PeopleSoft Update Manager Future Plans

22 PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management PeopleSoft Update Manager
Change Packages Tailored to a Customer’s Unique Needs and Maintenance History Get Current Regardless of Prior Maintenance Level Apply Maintenance on Your Schedule Enables Maintenance Best Practices Single Change Package Streamlines Maintenance Process You create a package tailored to your needs. No more bundles or maintenance packs! Change package is tailored to YOUR environment – what you need to apply and what you already have. No longer a ‘one-size fits none’ bundle. Finer level of granularity when choosing what to patch; today, bundles are all or nothing. Customer decides how much to change. Only one change package to apply. Using Change Assistant to add in customizations to the customer change package generated using PUM from the PeopleSoft Image. You create a single custom change package based on your PUM selection. Impact analysis and project apply can be done once per patch cycle, as opposed to having to apply multiple changes packages downloaded from Oracle today New tools to further automate the process. PUM Tool calculates the dependencies based on the customer selection and includes those in the change package PUM Tool generates custom change package based on selection and what is already applied to customer environment Dependency calculations and impact analysis are done locally Patching on your (customer) schedule now ours (PeopleSoft) Get the full and current PeopleSoft image every time. Create custom change packages from your local copy of the PeopleSoft Image on your schedule. Dual track maintenance strategy makes staying current on the PeopleSoft Image quick and inexpensive. You can continue to plan proactive strategic updates but also quickly react to critical patching as needed. Customer can keep a current local copy of the VB to search for fixes and patches at any time, react more quickly to critical issues by searching the current image by object or bug ID. You can find patches specific to your use cases. Search for specific legislative and regulatory updates and have the system create a package specifically for those updates. PUM provides the tools to assist customer in identifying required or desired fixes and features and with analyzing the impact of patching those changes. New PUM tools allow you to search by specific PeopleSoft object or Bug ID. PUM feature to select all fixes to "get me current“ New metadata provides object level patch and search capability Across the board, reduced manual steps for patching. Change Package is custom for the customer request and consolidated so that each object is in the package only once regardless of how many fixes include that object or how long it has been since your last update. Reduced time and effort for Analysis and preparation, Patching, Verification. Analysis, customization, and verification needs doing only one time initially in your DEV environment. A custom change package created in DEV can then be applied to all your other environments. Get the full and current PeopleSoft image every time. The PeopleSoft Image (PI) is a rollup of patches delivered on a VirtualBox appliance that is downloaded from MOS No need to deploy and maintain separate demo environments. Use a copy of the PeopleSoft Image virtual machine. You search for the PI patch set in MOS You can still search MOS by bug number or product and find the PI containing your bug fix The VirtualBox image contains the actual applications maintenance database and file system and is on the current PeopleTools patch level You search within the PI using PUM for the fixes and features content In MOS, the “Bugs resolved by this Patch” section and readMe file contain all the Bugs or features delivered in the PI Consistent Processing with Today After PUM steps to leverage existing knowledge and training - Customer applies PUM custom CP to DEV first, then generates new CP from DEV including customizations. Apply to TEST for through testing, then to PROD - PUM continues to integrate with Change Assistant, Change Packager, and Environment Management Framework (EMF) - PUM is evolved from Update Gateway functionality to give you a familiar, yet enhanced, search experience - After generating package in PUM, the customer experience is the same using PeopleTools Change Assistant and Change Packager to apply the changes to their environments. - Dealing with customizations in the context of applying maintenance / features Other - Plan to deliver new image on a regular schedule - New features will be delivered the same way and can be selected and applied when customer desires - Customer experience is still very similar using PeopleTools Change Assistant and Change Packager. After creating your custom change package for patching using PUM, apply it to your DEV environment for customization, analysis, and validation. The, use the same Change Assistant and Change Packager tools you use today to generate your change package to apply to your other internal environments. - Using Usage Monitor, you (customer) will know what you use the most, and use metadata correlation to give them better information about the areas they use and the bugs impacting those areas Translations Delivered Differently – the image contains the English and ML version combined (though with exceptions) Documentation included with the VB download contains information about the contents of the image Information about what is fixed in the image release, including bug IDs and descriptions Cumulative across images Distinguishes between bug fixes, new features, and regulatory items Benefits / New Capabilities of PUM You create your initial change package Reduced the # of manual steps Change package is tailored to YOUR environment – what you need to apply and what you already have. No longer a ‘one-size fits none’ bundle. Only have to apply one package – regardless of what you need or how long it’s been since the last time you updated your database New capabilities to find bug fixes – ability to search by PeopleSoft object Ability to press the ‘make me current’ button (related to above) Something about translations – and that the image contains the English and ML version combined (though with exceptions) Using Usage Monitor, we’ll know what they use the most, and use metadata correlation to give them better information about the areas they use and the bugs impacting those areas Time to deploy is fast...from download to patching b/c VM Customer don’t need to be on specific PT releases!!!! Tailored to Each Customer Customer Specified Selections Customer Defined Fully Patched Images Use of PeopleSoft LCM Tools Inclusion of Customizations take changes regardless of current maintenance state take only changes you want or need single change package can get you current your schedule not ours more efficient streamlined process

23 PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management Using PeopleSoft Update Manager
Customer’s PeopleSoft Environments Customer uses PeopleSoft Update Manager to generate tailored Change Package 2 Customer uses Change Assistant to apply tailored Change Package 3 Development Virtual Machine Staging/Test Change Assistant Customer periodically downloads latest fully patched PeopleSoft image from My Oracle Support 1 Customer applies customization once to tailored Change Package 4 Customer Tailored Change Package Production

24 Program Investment Strategy PeopleTools 8.53 Features
PeopleSoft Update Manager Future Plans

25 PeopleTools User Interface Roadmap Future Highlights
Next Generation UI Fluid responsive page design Branding Framework WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guideline) Activity Guides Simplified setup, process automation WSRP 2.0 Mobile Application Platform Definitional UI development REST framework

26 Sample Next Generation UI Page Responsive Design

27 Next Generation PeopleSoft Homepage Dynamic Tile Format

28 Next Generation PeopleSoft Homepage Personalized Navigation Bar

29 Next Generation PeopleSoft Homepage Personalized Navigation Bar

30 PeopleTools Analytics Roadmap Future Highlights
Next Generation Touch-friendly Pivot Grid HTML5 Charting Integration REST enablement of Query results Next Generation UI for Self Service Reports

31 Next Generation Pivot Grid Responsive, Touch-friendly

32 PeopleSoft Initiative
Mastering PeopleTools PeopleSoft continues to invest in new capabilities Customers pursue the adoption of these capabilities Some customers succeed, others struggle The SOURCE of success can be difficult to pinpoint Method used Experience, training Ease of use of the product

33 PeopleSoft Initiative
Mastering PeopleTools Mastering PeopleTools Initiative to Cultivate: Best Practice How to… get started, install, configure, use, extend, excel Success scenarios Community of Experts

34 PeopleSoft Initiative
Mastering PeopleTools Mastery Areas of Focus PeopleSoft Integration PeopleSoft Interaction Hub Activity Guides Related Content PeopleSoft Test Framework System Performance Query, Reporting & Analytics PeopleSoft Security

35 Key Session Takeaways Simpler and more intuitive application user experience Increased end user job effectiveness with role based Workcenters Greater decision support capabilities and access to actionable information using in application Pivot Grids Reduced need for customizations through functionally deep and enhancement rich applications More affordable to manage and deploy leveraging Oracle Private Cloud technology

36 Resources Where To Get More Information
Customer Sites PeopleSoft Applications External Site Support 36

37 PeopleSoft Resources PeopleSoft 9.2 Information Portal

38 PeopleSoft Resources PeopleSoft Video Feature Overviews
General ERP PeopleSoft Update Manager Supplier Hierarchy Continuous Delivery Overview Global Search for FMS/SCM PeopleSoft Information Development Mobile Inventory Manager eProcurement User Interface and Global Search HCM and ELM Program Management Integration with Primavera P6 Global Search for HCM Paycheck Modeling Mobile Expenses Benefits Life Events Accounts Payable WorkCenter Recruiting: Candidate Gateway Cash Position and Forecast Recruiting: Talent Acquisition Manager Tools and Technology ePerformance Global Search, Related Actions, Component Search Enterprise Learning Management Mobile Company Directory Actionable Operational Analytics Setup Overview for Mobile Company Directory WorkCenter Framework Pivot Grids Total Rewards Mobile Approvals Org Chart Viewer PeopleSoft Interaction Hub Talent Summary iPad Certification Manager Dashboard Forms and Approvals Builder

39 PeopleSoft Resources Additional Documents
Documentation Hosted PeopleBooks Cumulative Feature Overview PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.53 Documentation Homepage &h=Y PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.53 Release Value Proposition &h=Y PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.53 PreRelease Notes &h=Y 39

40 Q&A

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