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To Add a 2 nd Email to your NGIN Account October 9, 2012.

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1 To Add a 2 nd Email to your NGIN Account October 9, 2012

2 Login to your NGIN account. Once logged in, your user name should appear as above

3 Click on the arrow next to your login name to get the shown drop down list

4 Click on Account Settings

5 Click on Add Email Address

6 Enter the email address you would like to add to your account and then click on “Add Email Address”

7 Final Confirmation You will then receive an email confirmation to the new email you have added. You must log in to that email account to confirm adding to your NGIN account. This email address will now be part of your NGIN account. If you receive an error message when adding a 2 nd email, follow the instructions on the following slides.

8 It’s possible you may have already used this email address for another NGIN account. If you have, then follow the directions on the subsequent slides.

9 Go back to the top of the page by your login name. Click on the drop down arrow and click on the Profile link

10 Click on the profile (your user account that you want to link to the 2 nd email address. You won’t have as many profiles as are listed in this screen shot.

11 Scroll to the bottom to find how to add Linked Accounts. Click on the Add button

12 Note: Enter the 2 nd email address that you want. This email address must be tied to an existing NGIN account. If it is not tied to an NGIN account, this screen will generate an error when you try to type it in.

13 You will know it’s successful when you receive this confirmation. You will need to login to your email to accept the invitation.

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