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Telephone Skills.

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1 Telephone Skills

2 Follow this procedure when answering the phone for any type of business:
Answer with the company’s name Copy all key pieces of information given by the caller Repeat the information, especially verifying numbers and the spelling of names End the call by thanking the caller WRITE IT ONCE—CHECK IT TWICE!!

3 Answering Tips: When the phone rings, answer it immediately.
Do not eat, drink, or chew gum while speaking on the phone. Always be courteous to the caller even if it is a wrong number. Be sure to keep a message pad or paper and pen close to the telephone so you can write down messages.

4 Have a helpful attitude. . .
Select words carefully Pronounce them clearly Treat others with respect Imitate the successful people around you Avoid negative language

5 When placing a customer on hold--
ALWAYS tell the caller you are going to transfer him/her to a particular person ALWAYS wait for a response from the caller when you ask him/her to hold NEVER leave the caller on hold for more than a minute

6 Taking messages for others--
The date Time of the call Name of the caller Name of the person who should receive the message The message itself

7 Leaving messages for others--
Be prepared to leave a message. Keep it short. You usually have less than 1 minute. Choosing not to talk to a machine is unprofessional. It can cause you to lose business and can cause delays in your acquiring or giving out important information. Not leaving a message wastes your time as well, since you have to continue calling until you reach the person.

8 Tips for placing calls:
Be aware of differences in time zones when placing calls Always identify yourself. Give your first and last name Speak clearly and directly into the mouthpiece “Smile” with your voice by using a pleasant tone

9 Sneezing and sniffling. . .
If you have a day when you are sneezing and sniffling, ask if someone else in your office can replace or help you out on the phones. If not… be aware of your condition and ask politely to put the customer on hold before you sneeze, sniffle, or blow your nose

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