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Digital Citizenship How To Be Safe Online

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1 Digital Citizenship How To Be Safe Online
By Jevin, Tumanako and Salu

2 The Internet As some of you may know its not that safe to go online. So we the student council are here to teach you how to be safe online. This is all you need to know about being safe online, just follow these simple rules.

3 Rule No.1Keep Your Identity A Secret
Never give away personal information like your age address or phone number. If you need a user name try to pick something totally different to your real name like agent x or cool kid.

4 Rule No.2 Be Extra Careful With Strangers
Remember all you know is what people tell you. People can always hide who they really are, I know you probably don’t want to think about it but remember some people want to trick you into doing stuff that you probably don’t want to do. And there not the only threat people, you know can use your information against you to.

5 Rule No. 3 Tell Somebody If some body is making you feel unsafe or sad tell an adult. You can always report them to people who run the site. And always let your parents help.

6 Rule No.4 Protect Your Password
Don’t tell any body your password even cousins, friends and people you know. Even they don’t need to know your password.

7 Rule No.5 Be Nice We can all make the internet a better place respect others feelings and beliefs. Besides you could get kicked off a site.

8 Rule No.6 Websites and pop ups
Never sign up for a web site that tells you to put in all your details like: facebook, bebo, MySpace or twitter .You must be 13 years old to sign up to these sites. Plus if your on a site and something pops up and says you one $100,000 just get off that site and go to a site where your not giving personal information.

9 We have got a treasure hunt for you to do on HECTOR’S WORLD
Thank you for watching this slide show we hope you will take our advice and be super safe online. 

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