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Using internet and cell phones safely

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1 Using internet and cell phones safely
Cyber Safety Using internet and cell phones safely

2 WHAT! Internet and cell phones aren’t BAD
Technology is a wonderful thing! Because of internet and cell phones we can : Rapidly communicate with people all over the world Learn about anything we want instantly Have entertainment like games, books and music Shop at hundreds of stores Visit and learn about far away places

3 BUT… In the Future… Now…
Internet and cell phones can cause us A LOT of problems … Now… and In the Future…

4 Dangers Of The Internet
Wrong information Computer Viruses Scams Unwanted pictures videos and information may never go away Internet Predators

5 Wrong information Anyone can post anything on the internet.
Make sure information you decide to use comes from a trusted site. Ask an adult if you don’t know if you can trust the site.

6 Computer Viruses

7 Computer Viruses Viruses and other malicious programs are built to infect and cause harm to your computer Computer viruses attack your computer and make it run slow, lose programs or files or cause computer death Other programs similar to viruses may steal your information or spy on your activities

8 Virus Protection Never Open e-mail from people you don’t know
Never download files without permission from an adult – adults should make sure the website is safe and trustworthy Use a firewall and up to date anti-virus software.

9 Scams Some people try to trick others into giving away information so they can steal from you or even steal your identity Sometimes scammers even pretend to be friends by using familiar names or hacking into other addresses

10 Oh no, you can’t scam me! Never open from people you don’t know. Report it, block it and delete it. Make sure any site you register with is a trusted site – ask an adult for help if you are unsure. Never give out personal information through Never give your passwords to anyone – not even your best friend! (but do give them to your parents)

11 Once sent into cyberspace, you lose all control
When something is posted on the internet everyone can see it, people may copy it and repost it. When you send a picture or text it someone it can instantly be sent to hundreds of other people Things posted on the internet or sent on cell phones can get you into trouble with parents, schools and even the police.

12 Take control! Think before you post – Never post or send anything that you wouldn’t want others to see Parents Classmates strangers Teachers Friends

13 What is a Predator In the animal kingdom a predator is an animal who attacks and eats other animals. On the internet a predator is a person who pretends to be someone else to lure and hurt other people

14 How Predators Operate They pretend to be a friend and get you to like and trust them They ask you for personal information that helps them locate you They ask you to meet them or find you using the personal information you gave They use social sites to become friends and gain personal information

15 How To Be Safe Never give out personal information to someone you meet on the internet Don’t add people you don’t know in person to your friends list Never meet someone in person that you first met on the internet If someone says or does something that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your parent right away and block or report that person

16 Social Sites Myspace and Facebook can be fun but remember everyone on your friends list can see what you post and do. Your future employers may even check your page and use it to decide if they want to hire you or not Think before you post

17 Social Site Safety Only add people you know in person to your friends list Use privacy settings – set your accounts to the most restrictive settings – so people must ask your permission to see your information, posts and pictures Think before you post

18 What is personal information?
I’m 10!!! Your age Your town or location Your phone number Your full name Your school name Passwords Your address

19 How To Be Safe Use only safe sites that have been approved by an adult
Only add people you know in person to your friends list Never give out personal information Don’t open from unknown senders Never meet someone in person that you first met online Think before you post or send anything

20 Always follow internet safety rules!
The End!

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