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Four issues of NBEAs premier journal, Business Education Forum.

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2 Four issues of NBEAs premier journal, Business Education Forum

3 Four issues of NBEAs highly acclaimed newsletter, Keying In

4 Discounts on NBEA Publications

5 Professional liability insurance at no additional cost

6 National Standards for Business Education

7 National Honorary Business Society for high school students

8 Opportunity to be nominated or nominate colleagues for distinguished service awards

9 Special registration rate for national convention

10 Special registration rate for regional conventions

11 Opportunities to serve as state, regional, or national officer

12 Opportunities to serve on national committees and task forces

13 Numerous opportunities to network with colleagues

14 The latest online teaching resources

15 Workshops on cutting- edge technology and software

16 Opportunities to hear nationally renowned speakers

17 Personal and professional seminars

18 Academy for Leadership Training

19 Legislative and advocacy training

20 National Education for Business Month promotional materials

21 Entrepreneurship education materials

22 International business curriculum materials

23 Information on business careers

24 Creative teaching ideas

25 National Business Honor Society

26 NBEA Web site, list-serve, & online jobs forum

27 Parental involvement strategies and materials

28 Highly praised NBEA Yearbook

29 Program marketing ideas

30 Curriculum guides and materials

31 Information technology instructional materials

32 Scholarship program for first-time convention attendees

33 Low-cost auto, life, & medical insurance programs

34 Participation in advancing and improving business education

35 Information on model business education programs

36 Advance notice of new NBEA publications & books

37 Information on state and local conferences and events

38 Expansive convention trade show with the latest educational textbooks & software

39 New directions in business education

40 Ideas for linking with the business community

41 Ideas for working with advisory boards

42 Scholarships for post-bachelors education

43 Promotional materials specifically targeting students, parents, businesses, legislators, administrators, & counselors

44 Curriculum integration techniques

45 Strategies for promoting economic education and financial literacy

46 Program standards and curricula for business teacher certification

47 Strategies for teaching communications

48 Professional development opportunities via distance education

49 Opportunities to publish in national and regional publications

50 Opportunities for international travel and networking through the International Society for Business Education (ISBE)

51 Classroom management techniques

52 Professional Pride and Professionalism!

53 Join NBEA today! You have at least 50 Excellent Reasons!

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