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® AVMA. Who I am . American Veterinary Medical Association Jan Strother, DVM AVMA Vice President

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1 ® AVMA

2 Who I am

3 . American Veterinary Medical Association Jan Strother, DVM AVMA Vice President

4 Today’s Goals What is organized veterinary medicine? – Your Voice! – Provides Benefits! – Your Profession!

5 How it all works

6 We ARE Veterinary Medicine… We Are The AVMA!!!

7 A Great Profession…but small Over 1,000,000 lawyers in the U.S. – Over 30% are ABA members Around 1,000,000 physicians in the U.S. – Under 30% are AMA members Around 100,000 veterinarians in the U.S. – 83% are AVMA members SAVMA has over 12,000 members – Over 92% of U.S. and Caribbean students

8 AVMA working for you Advocacy Economic viability Recent graduate initiatives

9 Advocating for the Profession AVMA Governmental Relations Division – AVMA Student Legislative Fly-in – AVMA Congressional Advocacy Network – Federal Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program Up to $25,000 each year for a three year period Visit for the details

10 “Veterinary medicine is a personally and financially rewarding profession” New economic vision statement from AVMA $5 million towards Strategic Economics Initiatives – National Economics Strategy Reserve Fund – Veterinary Economic Strategy Committee – Veterinary Economics Division within AVMA – Economics communication strategy with a web presence

11 Recent Graduate Initiatives 2011 Task Force on AVMA Programs for Students and Recent Graduates – Early Career Development Committee Oversee AVMA’s recent graduate programs/ services and develop niche membership benefits Online community for recent graduates – Creation of a staff position dedicated to Recent Graduate members

12 AVMA Analytics FAQs

13 E-newsletters

14 Social media

15 AVMA Publications Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association American Journal of Veterinary Research SAVMA members pay $40 instead of over $200 Online version for subscribers

16 October 1, 2011 JAVMA

17 2011 AVMA Convention

18 2012 AVMA Convention – Network with colleagues from around the country – Participate and assist in great wet labs – Learn cutting edge research and medicine FREE ADVANCED REGISTRATION FOR SAVMA MEMBERS, A $475 VALUE!

19 Veterinary Career Center Jobs – Search hundreds of openings 24-7 – Post your resume – Let “Job Agent” alert YOU! Externships – Student Externship Locator! Career Resources – “A Working Diagnosis” gives tips to job-seekers

20 Vcc website

21 Student externship homepage

22 AVMA Governmental Relations Veterinary Student Externship Ten $1,200 stipends Lobby for your profession Deadline is October 14, 2012 Spend 4 weeks in Washington D.C. Contact the Governmental Relations Division at 800.321.1473 or


24 AVMA Student Externship Stipends Fifteen $1,000 stipends Deadline is January 2013 Secure an externship and apply – Nonclinical veterinary medicine (CDC, USDA, APHIS, research labs, wildlife and pharmaceutical companies) – Food Supply Veterinary Practices – “Events & Opportunities”

25 AVMA Headquarters Externship Five $1,200 stipends Work with any division Tailor your experience Deadline is March 15, 2012 Spend 3-4 weeks at AVMA Headquarters in Schaumburg, IL “Events & Opportunities”

26 Student American Veterinary Medical Association Networking Resources Benefits – Scholarships – Grants – Awards

27 Savma website

28 What is SAVMA

29 The vet gazette

30 Savma facebook

31 SAVMA Educational Symposium LSU – March, 2013 Interact with over 1,000 students from around the nation Compete in academic and athletic events Attend lectures and participate in wet labs

32 International Opportunities Did you know all SAVMA members are also members of the International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA) – Free with SAVMA membership – Fosters international cooperation – Exchange opportunities

33 ® AVMA

34 ®

35 SAVMA Awards, Competitions, and Scholarships $250 Extracurricular Funding Grant $250 Multicultural Diversity Awareness Grant $500 Underserved Area/Youth Interest Stipends

36 AVMA PLIT Professional Liability Insurance Are you going to do an externship? – Only $10 a year – Same amount of professional liability coverage as your sponsoring PLIT-insured veterinarian 1-800-228-PLIT (7548)

37 AVMA GHLIT Personal, Health, Life, and Disability Insurance – Student exclusive plans available in the U.S. – Graduate Guarantee Offer No pre-qualifications Interest-free loan for 6 months Lowest starting premiums for 18 months – Best of all, AVMA GHLIT is YOURS and it is PORTABLE – 1-800-621-6360

38 How can you get involved? Join your SCAVMA – Become an officer – Work on a committee – Network Participate in SAVMA – Become a SAVMA Delegate – Go to Symposium & Convention – Apply for an award

39 AVMA Contacts AVMA Staff – Dr. Derrick Hall, SAVMA Advisor 1-800-248-2862 ext. 6681 – Theresa De Carli, Program Coordinator 1-800-248-2862 ext. 6693 AVMA Vice President – Dr. Jan Strother – Students voice on the AVMA Executive Board

40 Questions??

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