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HOW TO DO YOUR PHOTO ESSAY Using software that is very simple to use and easy to access.

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1 HOW TO DO YOUR PHOTO ESSAY Using software that is very simple to use and easy to access.

2 Freeware available on Windows only. Available on the machines in lab 22. Photo Story 3 for Windows

3 Downloading WPS  Available for free on the Microsoft website. The only hoop you have to jump through is making sure that your copy of Windows passes the Windows Genuine Advantage test. Virtually all PCs on the market have a genuine copy of Windows on them that pass this test. The only way this may not be the case is if your copy of Windows was pirated or in some other way not activated or registered with Microsoft.

4 Using WPS  When you start using the program, make sure “Begin a new story” is selected, and click “Next.”

5 Using WPS  Import your pictures using the “Import Pictures…” button.

6 Using WPS  Select the pictures you want to use, and then hit OK. Determine where the pictures you want to use are. If you find them on the internet, save them to your H: drive. Select the pictures you’re going to use. To select multiple pictures at one time, hold control (Ctrl) while clicking on them.

7 Using WPS  After your pictures are imported, they will appear in the timeline on the bottom of the window. You may now add text to your pictures. You may also add preset effects to your pictures. Text formatting, text justification and text placement

8 Using WPS  Next up, you record the narration that goes over each photo in the slide. You must have a microphone of some kind that can connect to the computer in order to record narration. You can customize how your slides transition between each other Record your narration here

9 Using WPS  The next step features the addition of background music. Select an mp3 or other Windows audio file to have it play in the background.

10 Using WPS  Almost done! You can choose to save your story on your computer or e-mail it. (Other, more antiquated options are available). It saves as a.wmv video file for playback.

11 Using WPS  Your photo story is done! This dialog tells you where the file is found, what it’s called and how big it is. You can then view your story or start a new one.

12 Viewing your WPS product  And there it is! Your photo story is ready to view and present!

13 Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android Lite version available for free (30 second limit), Plus package available for $5 per month (10 minute limit), on iTunes App Store, Google Play and online. Animoto Link

14 Available for Windows only. $600 from Sony. Version available on most machines in lab 22. This software is slightly more complicated than it’s more user-friendly counterparts. Sony Vegas Pro Link

15 Getting Started  When you first open Sony Vegas Movie Studio (the version we have in lab 22), you will see a screen like this, with tracks, a preview window and an explorer window.

16 Adding photos  In the explorer window, find the drive and folder where your photos are located. To place them in your presentation, drag them onto the video track below.

17 Transitions  You may add transitions in between your photos such as fades or blinds.

18 Transitions  You may add transitions in between your photos such as fades or blinds.

19 Adding text  To add text, head over to the media generators tab and click on “titles & text” and drag the one you want to use onto the track above your photos. If your photos are on the highest track, put the text on the track below your photos and drag the track higher.

20 Editing text  When you add a text layer, a dialog like this will pop up. You can type your text and adjust font size, type, color and bold/italics from this window.

21 Finishing up  Once you have finished your photo essay and you want to turn it into a video, click “Make Movie” in the upper toolbar.

22 Rendering  This dialog will appear after you click “Make Movie.” Click “Save it to my hard drive.”

23 Rendering  After that, this window will pop up, a list of many different video formats will appear, go down and select something from the WMV family. And then select the location where you will save it.

24 Rendering  Now that everything is how you want it, click render so Vegas can make the video for you.

25 Rendering  Once you click “render”, you will see a progress bar and three options as your video renders in the background. Render time differs along with the length of your video and the resolution you are rendering at.

26 Rendering  Once rendering is done, the video will be playable in Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player.

27 Available for Windows only. Free program, available for download, pretty straight forward. Windows Movie Maker

28 Available online. Free program, pretty straight forward, most here have used it before (if you had Schwarz). Prezi

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