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Milwaukee LIHF Aameria Zapata November 16, 2011 Oversight and Advisory Committee.

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1 Milwaukee LIHF Aameria Zapata November 16, 2011 Oversight and Advisory Committee

2 Milwaukee LIHF Who we are A group of concerned Milwaukeeans united to eliminate the Black-White gap in infant mortality Everyday community members Impacted population Front line workers and professionals Public and private Academics, faith community, funders

3 Milwaukee LIHF African American Voices Convening the Community –Steering Committee –African American Task Force –Domain Task Forces Communicating the Message Engaging Youth Listening Across the Lifecourse Including the Faith Community Involving Funders Continuing Progress

4 Infant mortality and racial disparities data Lifecourse model & 12-point plan to close the Black-White gap How components play out in Milwaukee – gaps and assets Guiding principles (AATF) Established priorities in each domain (domain TF) Priorities in each area vetted (AATF & April Plenary) Recommendations in each priority area (domain TF) Review of additional data and approaches (domain TF) Vetting and improvement of recommendations (AATF) Recommendations approved unanimously (Steering Committee) Milwaukee LIHF The Planning Process

5 5 The African American Task Force established principles and vetted and approved strategies that: Are culturally appropriate Are community-driven Are family-centered Milwaukee LIHF Guiding Principles Respect and support the unique role of African American leaders and organizations Address racism Integrate the concept of the Lifecourse Work toward fulfilling the project vision of reducing stress and improving birth outcomes

6 6 Recommendation Focus: 1.Expanding healthcare access over the Lifecourse. 2.Strengthening father involvement in African American families. 3.Reducing poverty among African American families Milwaukee LIHF Strategy Integration

7 7 Milwaukee LIHF Improving Health Care Expanding healthcare access over the lifecourse: Facilitate access to healthcare services (including preconception, prenatal, and interconception care). Reduce financial barriers to African American utilization of medical homes. Increase the capacity and quality of medical homes. Expand access to specialty care (including behavioral health and dental care).

8 Strengthening father involvement: Engage, partner with and fund grassroots and informal efforts in the development of a comprehensive network of fatherhood resources and supports. Increase relationship-building skills and self-worth for African American men and their families. Increase the role that dads play in the community. Milwaukee LIHF Strengthening Families Increase access to education and employment. Strengthen formal and informal partnerships to address structural barriers, including racism and discrimination.

9 Reducing poverty: Remove structural barriers to obtaining and retaining jobs. Increase family- sustaining jobs for low income African American men and their families. Milwaukee LIHF Social Determinants

10 It takes time to establish trust and shared vision The impact of racism must be acknowledged Creating a common agenda requires leveraging resources Ongoing communication is a necessity Ensuring a community driven process is the key to sustainability Clarity in roles responsibilities and representation is necessary for continuity A respected convener role is essential to the process. Milwaukee LIHF Lessons Learned

11 60% African American Steering committee meet at least 10 times per year AATF: Community leadership Domain TFs: expertise and ownership Co-chairs: leadership, manage group & preside over meetings Voting procedures Fiscal sponsor: YWCA Milwaukee LIHF Structure & Operating Procedures

12 Geographic Focus


14 Remaining Work Guidance on geographic area of focus Identification of specific measurable outcomes and targets Prioritizing policy issues and budget recommendations Increasing the involvement of targeted communities Ongoing work with other LIHF sites and WPP

15 15 Milwaukee LIHF Questions?

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