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ST'ÁT'IMC EDUCATION & TRAINING Program Highlights 2013.

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1 ST'ÁT'IMC EDUCATION & TRAINING Program Highlights 2013

2 S.E.T. PURPOSE … to ensure quality education and training opportunities for all members, individually and collectively, so that we are prepared to meaningfully participate in our community and in the new economy. … and to do this with self-sufficiency and self-determination. “Lifelong learning is our collective responsibility"

3 MAY 2013

4 S.E.T. GOALS 1.Strengthen the collective organization capacity of the St'át'imc 2.Collaborate with strategic partners to exercise greater control over education and to ensure sustainability of the SET Strategy 3.Collaborate with the communities and their partners to ensure education and training programs are culturally relevant and holistic 4.Establish a knowledge-based foundation to inform St'át'imc decision making

5 A COMMUNITY DRIVEN PROCESS St'át'imc Education and Training Advisory Committee (S.E.T.A.C.) Formal representatives from each of the St’at’imc communities provide direction to the S.E.T. Program, and provide recommendations and/or technical input pertaining to education & training to St'át'imc leadership. JULY 10 ~ AUGUST 14 ~ SEPTEMBER 18 ~ OCTOBER 7

6 S.E.T. GOAL #1 COMMUNITY CAPACITY INITIATIVES Worksite Skills Development & Workshops Safety Certification Training July 2013 Asbestos & Lead Removal Training August 2013 Becoming a St'át'imc Contractor Workshop August 27/28, 2013 St’at’imc Internship Program Development

7 SET GOAL #2 STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP INITIATIVES St'át'imc Education & Training Accord (in progress) St'át'imc Territory – Regional Service Providers Funding Partners ($$ Training $$) Training Providers

8 SET GOAL #3 COMMUNITY COLLABORATION Formalization for S.E.T.A.C. Representatives S.E.T. Community Development Worker

9 SET GOAL #4 KNOWLEDGE BASED DECISION MAKING Professionalizing our internal process for receiving and responding to Education & Training request


11 LOOKING AHEAD 10 Week Comprehensive Technicians Training Program (January – April 2014) 12 WeeK Information Technology Management Training (January – June 2014) OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY TRAINING DUAL CREDIT PROGRAM (SCHOOL DISTRICT 74 & 48)

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