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Year 13 Information Evening. Welcome to the last year of Secondary School!

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1 Year 13 Information Evening

2 Welcome to the last year of Secondary School!

3 Some thank yous: The students. You, the parents.

4 Applying to University: Some questions: Who? When? Where? Why? How?

5 Why? Graduates can expect to earn more than someone without a degree. Graduates have greater job satisfaction. Needed for some jobs. University is a fabulous experience.

6 Who?: Students in the final year of Sixth Form… …who have decided that higher education is the right thing for them.

7 Cost vs. Benefit? Fees Accommodation and food Books etc. Clothing Travel Time

8 How? Through UCAS – the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. This is done using UCAS Apply.

9 UCAS Apply is an on-line application form that requires: Personal details Choices of course and university Education/qualifications Employment history Personal Statement School Reference Payment

10 What course and where will they go to? Our students have already started thinking about courses and colleges. More details from: UCAS website University website/prospectus Open days Visit friends

11 When?: This depends on the courses and colleges.

12 September Finalise choice for colleges and courses (five courses) Ensure registration for UCAS Apply is completed. Write Personal Statement. Check and apply for admissions tests.

13 October Before Oct 15 th submit applications for: Medicine Dentistry Veterinary Medicine/Science All courses at Oxford and Cambridge colleges.

14 November-December Revision!! Coursework? Submit UCAS application

15 January No external exams!! Submit application to UCAS for all subjects (except some Art and Design courses) by January 15 th.

16 February – May: Offers received from universities – or UCAS Extra Acceptance, one Firm and one Insurance. Complete and submit coursework. Revision! Research student finance.

17 May-June Exams – the culmination of two years of hard work.

18 July …and relax.

19 August-September Results day. Results meet Firm offer? Results meet Insurance offer? Results too low = Clearing Results high = Adjustment Off to university…and the next stage of life.

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