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University and Colleges Admission Service 2015 entry.

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1 University and Colleges Admission Service 2015 entry

2  Over 360 institutions on UCAS site, some of which are private. If you apply to these (there are 41) fees and finance alters and it may leave gaps in student loans!  Over 35,000 courses are available – the largest degree sector in the world!  Over 700,000 students applied through UCAS last academic year

3  Register through UCAS apply  Complete form and payment  Academic reference added/independent referee  UCAS process form and forward to HEI’s  HEI’s submit decision (offer or unsuccessful)  E-mail updates sent to applicants  HEI’s confirm places when results are released

4  LNAT – National admissions test for Law  UKCAT - The UK Clinical Aptitude Test  BMAT - BioMedical Admissions Test  HAT – History Aptitude Test  Oxbridge have aptitude/admissions test for most subjects

5  March – September 2014 Research courses and universities Write personal statement & complete Progression Module  15 th October 2014 Deadline for Oxford and Cambridge applications Deadline for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses

6  Wed 19th November 2014 College deadline for UCAS applications. After this date we can not guarantee that tutor references will be attached in time to meet the final deadline  15 th January 2015 UCAS application deadline

7  December – April Offers start to come in  13 th August 2015 (expected date) AS/A2 Results Day

8 Sources of Information  Tutors  Internet – or  UCAS Fairs & Open Days  University prospectuses  Contact the universities  You can apply for up to 5 courses (exceptions Medicine/Dentistry where you can only apply to 4)

9  Which subjects interest me?  What are my talents?  What job would I like to do after attending university or college?

10  Available from University website, Unistats website and in prospectuses.  They give a clear statement of the grades and other requirements the university is looking for  It is the student’s responsibility to provide their tutor, who writes their reference, with a copy of the entry profile

11  Students are to complete the application form via the internet.  Student must attach their personal statement.  Sixth Form Office will attach their tutor reference.

12  Always put relevant work experience in at the start  If you apply to a University that interviews students, the questions will be based on your personal statement  Use paragraphs  “Apply” doesn’t have spell check  Bold, italics and underlines are removed by UCAS  Universities are wary of parents writing personal statements!!

13  Conditional – 85% are these and this links to A2 grades, tariff points and certain criteria  Unconditional – You are guaranteed a place no matter what (be aware that these are sometimes conditional on the students putting that University as a first choice)  Unsuccessful – You will not have a place at that University or on that course

14 AS Level GradePoints A60 B50 C40 D30 E20 A2 Level/AVCE Grade Points A*140 A120 B100 C80 D60 E40

15  Students must be well organised  Courses and universities must be thoroughly researched  We advise to have applications ready before the October Half Term  Ask for advice – your tutor is there to help you

16  Talk to them about the choices they are making – check entry profiles  Be aware of the deadlines and encourage students to meet these  Discuss the financial implications and encourage them to start saving now  Ensure students are aware of what courses lead to what sort of employability

17  Careers advisor/tutor at school/college  Careers library  Connexions staff  University admissions teams  (lots of information about everything)   UCAS schools team contact 0845 123 8001  Open Mon-Fri 8.30 to 17.30  They have 150 advisers on results day dealing with around 20,000 calls

18 If you require any further information contact the Sixth Form Office on 01484 868769 or e- mail us at or UCAS also have a special website designed for parents with advice and financial information – and search for “Parents” or scroll to bottom of home page to find parent

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