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Windows Test Review.

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1 Windows Test Review

2 What is Multitasking? the ability to run several programs at a time

3 What does GUI stand for and what does it mean that Windows is a GUI?
Graphical User Interface It means that Windows uses pictures (graphics) to allow the user to interact (interface) with the computer

4 What is the opening screen in Windows called?
the Desktop

5 Windows offers many kinds of built-in programs such as games, Paint, calculator, etc. What are they called? Accessories

6 Windows uses small pictures or graphics to make it easier to open files or programs. What are they called? Icons

7 What is the rectangular bar at the bottom of the Windows desktop called?
the Taskbar

8 Which Function Key opens the Help feature?

9 Where is the Start button located?
in the Taskbar

10 What part of the Window is located at the top and gives you the name of the software?
the Titlebar

11 Which letter represents the hard drive on the computer?

12 What is a menu? a list of options or choices

13 When you have several windows open, what is the most efficient way to move the window you want to the front? Click its button on the Taskbar

14 What are the three buttons on the right end of the Title bar?
Minimize Maximize/Restore Close

15 What are the keyboard shortcuts for: Copy, Cut, Paste, Select All
Copy: Ctrl + C Cut: Ctrl + X Paste: Ctrl + V Select All: Ctrl + A

16 What is a window? a defined work area OR
a movable, resizable area in which information is displayed

17 What are the keyboard shortcuts for: New, Save, Print, Open
New: Ctrl + N Save: Ctrl + S Print: Ctrl + P Open: Ctrl + O

18 What do the following mouse pointer shapes indicate or allow you to do?

19 Study your Windows Basics worksheet and be sure you know all the information in this Review for the test.

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