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Learning English through Social Issues

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1 Learning English through Social Issues

2 What are social issues? matters which directly or indirectly affect many or all members of a society often considered to be problems arouses public interests and concerns controversial involves (moral) values

3 Examples of social issues
Poverty Pollution Drug abuse Abortion Violence

4 Why take this course? develop skills in researching
more positive personal values and attitudes better organization and coherence in writing more critical in analyzing gathered information more confidence in presenting views in public

5 Why take this course? better skills in interpreting ideas, information, fact, opinions and arguments improved rhetoric skills in argumentative writing better use of different genres to present ideas

6 Content Part 1: Identifying, examining and presenting social issues
Researching and gathering information on social issues Part 3: Final presentation

7 Part 1: Identifying, examing and presenting social issues
Presents the idea of social issues Definition of the social issue Causes and effects of a social problem Solutions for a social problem Gives learners the opportunity to consider various ways social issues may affect them personally, their society and the world around them

8 Part 1: Identifying, examining and presenting social issues
Learners practise reading, identifying and writing definitions, causes and effects, and solutions to social problems

9 Part 2: Researching and gathering information on social issues
1) Learners learn how to follow an argument and research a social issue (e.g. conducting observations, interviews and surveys) 2) Learners develop strategies for evaluating information from different sources, and techniques for citing and acknowledging sources

10 Part 3: Final presentation
Learners identify a social problem they are interested in, and carry out research on it. Learners present their work (written and spoken)

11 Learning activities READING essays, journals, pamphlets, editorials, newspaper reports WRITING paragraphs to define different social issues, the causes and effects, and solutions DISCUSSIONS, ORAL PRESENTATIONS, ROLE-PLAYS PROJECT

12 Assessment Assessment will focus on learners’ demonstration of their ability to: understand and interpret ideas and information in texts on social issues follow and evaluate argument write about a social issue analyse and evaluate information from various sources carry out simple research using methods such as surveys and interviews summarise a passage present a written or spoken text that incorporates a definition of a social problem, its causes and effects, and offers solutions to it

13 Assessment Oral and written activities in the course will be used for assessing learner performance: Quizzes Paragraphs written on definitions, causes, effects and solutions Evaluation of information Questionnaires and interviews Written or spoken presentations

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