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Unit 3: Interpretations of Prose and Poetry An Introduction Miss McClue.

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1 Unit 3: Interpretations of Prose and Poetry An Introduction Miss McClue


3 Learning Objective We are learning to…analyse a poem using the state-quote-comment model.

4 In unit 3 you will do the following: Read a selection of poetry and prose Analyse previously unseen poetry and prose Compare three texts chosen from a range of poetry collections and novels, at least one of which will be published after 1900 Relate texts to the contexts in which they were produced or to which the refer Interpret texts in light of other readers’ interpretation

5 How you will be examined: This unit of study leads towards one exam of 2 hours and 45 minutes which contains two questions: 1) Analyse an unseen poem OR prose fiction passage in Section A 2) Write an essay comparing at least two prescribed texts

6 Skill set required Some of the skills involved in study at A2:  Analysis  Problem solving  Critical thinking  Study skills  Independent learning  The ability to create an argument  The importance of the need to practice

7 In addition… You will need to demonstrate the following: Your ability to choose your own focus for unprepared material Your ability to compare texts in a variety of ways Your ability to independently interpret texts as a modern reader The use you make of wider reading

8 Section A You will use the same analysis skills employed at AS but build on them further by: Making your own decisions about what to comment on Evaluating the writer’s techniques and giving your opinion about their effectiveness Writing your response in essay form

9 Section B You will study 3 texts chosen from the ‘War’ theme. The texts are a combination of novels and poetry. For this section you will need to: Respond to texts in light of a reader’s comment or ‘proposition’ Find suitable ways of comparing at least two of the texts Show how the context of the text influences the way in which they are written Show how other readers might interpret your chosen texts Give a personal interpretation of your chosen texts as a modern reader in a modern context. NB: Propositions are the sharable objects of the attitudes and the primary bearers of truth and falsity.

10 How to succeed in unit 3 Develop the confidence to interpret texts yourself Develop the confidence to judge the effectiveness of texts yourself Read a wide range of prose fiction, poetry and literary criticism; the more you read and research, the better your exam performance is likely to be

11 Learning technical terms is very important R-A-G the key terms on the glossary sheet How many do you know?

12 Analysing Poetry STATEQUOTECOMMENT Now look at the handout – what can you learn about constructing poetry analysis?

13 Homework Analyse ‘Intimates’ by D. H. Lawrence for next lesson.

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