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2 English for academic purposes? (Are you in the dark??)
What does it mean? Is this a special type of English? Who uses this type of English? When do I need to use it? What do I need to do in this course??

3 Course Objectives By the end of the course, you will be able to
Analyse the principles of an argumentative research paper. Apply a range of skills and strategies in reading, writing, and speaking. Evaluate information from academic sources. Synthesize information from sources. Evaluate topics in terms of Islamic values.

4 LE 4000 Learner-centred Conduct a library research
Topic of your choice relevant to your work at your kuliyyah Self-reliant in sourcing materials Conduct a library research Books, journal articles, reliable internet sources Produce an argumentative research paper APA citation style

5 Mass lectures Tutorials
3 hours per week Attendance is compulsory Key ideas are delivered by the lecturer Lecture and discussion Main source of input 3 hours per week Attendance is also compulsory Follow up and consolidation In-class writing Personal assistance in completing the term /research paper

6 How are you graded? Oral Argument 5% Research outline 10%
Week 3-4 Oral Argument 5% Week 7 Research outline 10% Week 8 Argumentative essay Week 13-14 Research paper 30% Final Exam 40% TOTAL 100%

7 Oral Argument – 5% Focuses on the validity of topic
Relevant to Kuliyyah Relevant to the Ummah Student – tutor Latest by ……….. (week 5)

8 Outline – 10% Proposal Submission – latest by …… (week 6)
Thesis statement Arguments Source of support Submission – latest by …… (week 6) Feedback on outline by ……. (week 7)

9 Argumentative Essay – 10%
In-class writing of an argumentative essay (no reference can be made to the outline) :=) Length – 450 words No APA referencing needed 1 hour to complete By …………… (week 8)

10 Oral Presentation – 5% Presentation Student – tutorial group members
A summary of the whole research/term paper Student – tutorial group members (weeks 12 and 13)

11 Term Paper - 30% APA styles
Submission of research paper by …….. (week 14)

12 In brief, what do you have to do in this course?
Generally, you have to independently, Find a current issue to develop your arguments Find relevant academic sources Write a 2,500 argumentative research paper Defend and Present your research orally, and Remember to attend both mass lectures and tutorial!!

13 Format of the research/term paper
Introduction with a thesis statement Argument 1 Argument 2 Counter Argument Refutation/Argument 3 Conclusion Recommendation Islamic Perspective (in any part of the paper or the whole paper itself)

14 Deciding on a Topic Think of: Problems English for math and science
Academic, social repercussions Current issues in relation to your area of studies Important issues highlighted by your kulliyah Discuss, read Journals (eg. SSLA, TESOL Quarterly), Search engines - Google scholar, EBSCOhost

15 Argumentation Argumentative vs Discursive Expository
Compare and contrast Cause and Effect Journalistic

16 Facts and Opinions Differentiating facts from opinions for argumentative purposes English is spoken world-wide. Teaching math and science in English creates many problems in rural Malaysia schools. Nicol David is the current number one female squash player in the world. Nicol David is an intelligent squash player.

17 Islamic Perspective Universality Islamic perspective in research work
term paper

18 Final Exam – 40% 4 academic texts Consists of 3 parts Tentative date:
Genetically enhanced food production Consists of 3 parts Citing and paraphrasing skills Summarising academic text Writing argumentative essay Tentative date: …….2007

19 The good news …… You don’t have to learn English all over again!
You just need to use English to critically argue on a kulliyah related topic You get to carry out a research on a topic of your interest You are able to relate Islamic perspectives to your opinion or belief……. and the best of all is, You have a chance to present your ideas and defend your claims in SPEAKING and also in WRITING without plagiarizing.

20 Wow!!! This course will keep you busy!!!
You can’t afford to take it easy. After all, it is a 3 credit hour course Give it your best shot.

21 In your first tutorial, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COPY OF THE OUTLINE TEMPLATE FOR YOU TO START YOUR WORK. The template should look like this…..





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