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Action Programmes KAG / HoPS / PAD Workshop 3 rd March 2014.

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1 Action Programmes KAG / HoPS / PAD Workshop 3 rd March 2014

2 Overview

3 Aims & Objectives Action Programme Requirements Review of current practice Good Practice OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

4 Overview Aims –Improve delivery of development through planning –Develop better understanding & use of Action Programmes Objectives –Review requirements, policy and guidance –Review and discuss examples –Identify good practice…with further input today OverviewRequirementsReviewBest Practice

5 Requirements

6 Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 The Town and Country Planning (Development Planning) (Scotland) Regulations 2008 Planning Circular 6/2013: Development Planning

7 Requirements How the authority proposes to implement the plan They must set out: –actions required to deliver plan policies and proposals; –the name of the person who is to carry out the action; and –the timescale for carrying out each action May be expected to include the delivery of key infrastructure and the preparation of supplementary guidance A key tool in instigating action and co-ordinating the activity of a range of agencies and organisations. OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

8 Requirements Consider scope and style of the Action Programme at an early stage to ensure that deliverability guides the content of the plans themselves. Consult and consider the views of: –the key agencies –the Scottish Ministers; –anyone named in the Action Programme. Submitted to Ministers alongside proposed SDPs and LDPs Adopted and published within three months of the plans, kept under review and republish at least every two years OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

9 Requirements - Summary Action for each policy & proposal – Grouping policies – Focus on priorities – Doesnt apply to supplementary guidance – Every policy should be used & so require action Named person – Name of organisation ok – But advantages being as specific as possible Timescale for action OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

10 Review

11 Key Agencies Review OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice Reference to the Plan and link the Bigger Picture SMART Principles should be applied Clarity on roles and responsibilities Benefits of early engagement and agreement

12 NPF2 Action Number and Main Document Reference Action Description Link to Strategy Milestones Lead Partners / Delivery Bodies Progress OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

13 NPF3 Action Reference Action Description Lead Partners / Delivery Bodies Progress OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

14 GCV Proposal Number Proposal Description Lead Partner / Delivery Organisations Progress Further Information OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

15 TAYplan Action Heading Policy / Proposal Ref Proposal Description Phasing & Timing Funding & Responsibility Priority Progress OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

16 ACS OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice Action Reference Action Description SDPA Role Milestones Lead Partners / Delivery Bodies Resource Deliverables

17 Falkirk Council Policy Action reference Actions Lead agency Timescale Progress

18 Aberdeen City Council Action Reference Timescale by quarter then year Notes/infrastructure requirements

19 CEC OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

20 But what about the process of action programming?

21 Good Practice

22 Key issues Too much focus on product as opposed to process Left too late in process to start thinking Discussion with delivery partners needs timed correctly Need to use AP to test plan and site effectiveness Not linked to corporate/budget planning Out of date before it is published Just a status report – not driving delivery OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

23 Good practice themes Purpose - Stimulate delivery not just record actions - Ensure plan is effective and deliverable = iterative relationship between DP/AP - Key project planning tool Scope - Statutory requirements – actions/persons/timescales Consider scale: plan-wide/ location-specific/ site-specific - Avoid overlap with other tiers - Group similar actions - Develop SMART actions Process - Early circulation/consultation - Formation of a delivery group - Corporate process/product – LAs and stakeholders - Change wider decision-making and budget-forming processes - Live updates and 2 yearly publication Product - Table format most common - Short and concise more effective - Spatial emphasis rather than thematic - Links rather than full details - Proforma or clarity on statutory/commonly- used elements?

24 Action Programme - Product OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice Essential (statutory) Delivery Actions Timescale for Conclusion Named Person (Organisation/Team/Individual) Commonly Used Table / List Format Reference (page, policy, area etc.) Delivery Lead / Partners / Stakeholders Progress Updates Additional Information Priority Designation Risk Designation Funding Source / Position Programme / Build Rate Policy Theme / Area Groupings Partner / Stakeholder Logos Weblinks Location Plans Contact Information Completions / Approvals Update Policy or Site per page Report Format Use of Colour / Symbols

25 Good Practice - summary PURPOSE (Focus on actions to deliver plan) SCOPE (Statutory requirements + additional info) PROCESS (link to corporate processes – LAs and stakeholders) PRODUCT (Different styles, concise, spatial, clear leads) Focus on the process of action programming (not just publication of a document) DISCUSS! OverviewRequirementsReviewGood Practice

26 Action Programmes KAG / HoPS / PAD Workshop 3 rd March 2014

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