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Project Proposal Project ? Project Sponsor Project Manager Version

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1 Project Proposal Project ? Project Sponsor Project Manager Version
Date Contents Executive Summary Business Case & Project Objectives In Scope & Out of Scope Options & Recommendations Approach & Impacts Assumptions & Concerns Timescales & Resources Completion & Handover

2 Executive Summary What? Why? Who? How Much? When? Concerns?
Project Project Sponsor Project Manager Describe the scope of the project briefly What? Why? Explain the reasons why the project should be approved and what benefits should be realised Who? Explain who needs to be involved - to give an indication of the resource commitment required to run this project How Much? What will this project cost, in terms of capex & revenue Provide high level estimate on time scale to implement this project When? Provide details of risks that should be considered at this early stage Concerns?

3 What is the problem to be tackled?
Explain how this proposed project has come about. What is the source problem, idea, requirement that led to this point? …… What work is in scope? Describe the work that is in scope Include a summary list of deliverables …… What work is out of scope? List anything that others may believe forms part of the scope but is not actually included; ensure clarity of understanding of what is & what is not included in the list of work ……

4 Once these objectives are achieved, what benefits will we get?
What are the measureable objectives for this project? Should be 1-3 bullet points. Ensure these are SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) …… Once these objectives are achieved, what benefits will we get? Benefit When will this benefit be achieved & how will it be measured?

5 Who & what will be impacted by this project?
While undertaking this project and once the project has been completed who & what will be impacted? Consider stakeholders (internal & external), systems, process, products, components, equipment. …… Type (add if required) Impact Description  Internal Stakeholders  External Stakeholders  Systems (IS / IT) Business Processes  Products & Services Equipment 

6 Who will be involved and how much of their time?
Sponsor Project Manager Project Customer Operational Owner Team Member Department Full Time or % of Time on Project Funded By? Start / End Involvement Add additional comments here on any potential bottlenecks with specific resources knowing their existing commitments. Where appropriate signal if resources are perm, temp or externally provided as part of Funded By column ……

7 What are our estimated costs (external spend)?
The project will not be planned in detail yet. Give estimates based on information to date on total work-hours and other costs that will be incurred in delivering this project. Identify any assumptions. Include detailed of how this project will be funded, if known at this early stage ……

8 What are our estimated project timescales?
Key Project Milestone Explanation Date (Month / Quarter) The project will not be planned in detail yet. Break the project into stages and give indicative timescales to reach each milestone in the project roadmap. Enter details by month or quarter if appropriate at this early stage in the table above. Provide additional commentary in this section around the timescale current level of accuracy and if this current project is actually a pilot with potential for a wider set of deployment waves afterwards. ……

9 What assumptions have we made?
List any assumptions made by the project team (in the future these must be validated or transferred into the risk register) …… What are our key concerns (risks) in undertaking this project? At this initial stage, what concerns do you have , what risks will the organisation face in delivering this project? ……

10 How will we complete & handover this project?
Briefly explain “what finished looks like” and how this will be demonstrated Who will the project team handover to? What is the handover process? List the deliverables you will be handing over and who you will be handing them to ……

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