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1-888-909-0535 Steps to Setup and Install McAfee Antivirus

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1 How to Setup and Install McAfee Antivirus?

2 Why Install McAfee Antivirus on Your PC  Offers you a real-time protection which keeps your system safe and secure  Facilitates tremendous parental control to keep an eye on the internet activity of your children  McAfee Internet Security blocks untrustworthy websites  Guarantee you a complete removal of the viruses and malware  A complete scan on the regular basis  Improve the functionality of your system by keeping away the unwanted elements  Offers Wi-Fi protection with a firewall to protect your email and web  Eradicates all the sensitive files and folders without any hassle.

3 Tips to Remember Before the Installation of McAfee Antivirus on the System  Remove the old version of McAfee Antivirus from your system and download the latest and advanced version of McAfee Internet Security  Try to remove any other Antivirus software from the Control Panel with the help of a concern antivirus removal tool.  Check the space available on the hard disk  Exit from all the program for the complete installation of McAfee Antivirus  Restart your PC and you are ready to install McAfee Antivirus Software  You should have a proper internet connection with a high-speed.  Ensures the requirement of Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10  Minimum 2 GB requirement

4 Steps to Install and Set up McAfee Antivirus Software  You can install and set up McAfee Antivirus in two ways - with CD and Retail Card  Set up McAfee Antivirus Software with CD  Enter the CD to the computer and wait for a few minutes  After it, a McAfee Antivirus set up pop-up will appear  If pop-up does not appear, then navigate to your computer drive  Go to a folder on CD drive in the removable disc section  Run the set up of McAfee Antivirus and follow the instructions to set it up  Select language, country, and the custom settings  Tick check to agree to the terms and the conditions  Click on install which will update the antivirus software and it settings from the internet  Then create McAfee account to manage the billings and services  Restart your computer

5 Install and Activate McAfee Antivirus with Retail Card  Remove all the older version of the McAfee Antivirus Software  Go to your web browser and type McAfee activation or simply visit  Submit 25-digit number retail card  Download the set up of McAfee antivirus and install it by using the settings  Click on install and wait for a few minutes to restart and update it  Create McAfee Antivirus account  Scan your computer with McAfee Security software  For more details, please feel free to contact us by dialing our toll-free McAfee Antivirus Support Number. We will always happy to help you with round the clock technical support.


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