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How to Fix Trojan.Poweliks Using Norton Antivirus?

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1 How to Fix Trojan.Poweliks Using Norton Antivirus?

2 Did you know using your PC, laptop or Smartphone is riskier in the online space? Yes it is. Surfing the web is not so secured that means you’re placing your private information at risk. That’s why the antivirus solution is a must for your PC & Smartphone if you’re worried about the online security and privacy.

3 Problems do occur with antivirus solutions at the time of installation and updates.  That’s why you need to be careful in installation or when the program is in use. The program files of your antivirus program could have been improperly changed that makes it unable to work correctly. Some of the common malware & virus issues are Trojan horses, worms, etc. Norton is the one of the best detecting antivirus for all kinds of online viruses.

4 The primary issue in a Norton antivirus solution is related to the removal of Trojan.Poweliks that is type of system infection typically infects: System files and most of the files show DLLHOST.exe Problems in disk activity Slow speed of computer Pages your browse may show blocked or unreachable because of virus Issues in downloading files from the Internet Browser

5 These are some of the main concerns related to Trojan
These are some of the main concerns related to Trojan.Poweliks, let’s move and learn more about troubleshooting methods for Norton Antivirus: In the first step, you need to change the Internet Explorer settings The second step is the primary one, learn how to download & run the FixPoweliks tool

6 Close all the running applications – For Windows XP, turn off System Restore Function
According to your system OS, choose the one from the following For 64-bit Windows: Download FixPoweliks64-Bit For 32-bit Windows: Download FixPoweliks32-Bit

7 Click on the removal tool
Select I Accept on the Windows license agreement Click Start, after the scan process, click OK

8 Restart your system In the third step, run Norton Antivirus Tool for scanning unwanted application scan After the full system scan in the Unwanted Apps Scan Complete, click Uninstall In the end, restart your computer and delete all temporary files from your system

9 Contact Norton Tech Support Team In today’s advance world of technology & internet, more and more people are looking for safety solutions. Undoubtedly, Norton Antivirus ensures the best protection of your PC & Smartphone from viruses and stops them to enter in your PCs. Hence, this is the overall process of the removal of Trojan files from your system using Norton virus, in any case you need help don’t hesitate in dialing Norton Technical Support Number

10 For more information contact us: 1-800- 958-211
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