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Free Software Alternatives: Avast! Anti-virus

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1 Free Software Alternatives: Avast! Anti-virus
Rowan County Public Library

2 What Is Avast? Avast is an antivirus program that is often used as a free alternative to other paid antivirus software such as Norton and McAfee. Avast offers several packages. The most basic one, which is free, offers antivirus protection but not malware protection or other more advanced features. If you are simply looking for an antivirus, this will work fine. Avast is one of the most widely used antivirus programs.

3 What Is Antivirus? Antivirus is software specifically designed to protect your PC from malicious software. It is most commonly used to detect and block “viruses” or malicious software which can be picked up while online.

4 Why Do I Need Antivirus Software?
Antivirus detects, blocks, and removes malicious software which can be picked up while online or via infected hardware Antivirus blocks viruses which can be detrimental to the health of your PC Browsing the internet or using your PC day to day without antivirus software leaves you open to viruses and attacks by malicious websites and programs. This can cause severe, crippling damage to your PC

5 Downloading Avast Open your browser Navigate to
Choose your device Click Go To Download You will notice several versions of Avast Click Free Download

6 Downloading Avast, Cont.
You will be brought to a download page Click Download Now If you are in Firefox click Save File, hit Run in Internet Explorer, in Chrome your download will begin automatically

7 Downloading Avast, Cont.
In Firefox, click on the arrow in your toolbar and then click on the file In Chrome click on the file at the bottom of the page If you clicked Run in Explorer then your setup will begin automatically

8 Installing Avast You may be asked if you would like Avast to be able to make changes to your PC, click YES A window will open for the installtion Click Regular Installation Read the End User Agreement and click Continue

9 Installing Avast, Cont. Avast will begin installing
You will notice a progress bar that will begin to fill When it is full you will receive a message that your install is complete Click Done, a new window will open and a security scan will begin

10 Using Avast You will notice a box in the bottom right corner of your screen. This is the security scan which is underway. Just sit back and let it do it’s thing Another window will open, this is Avast. You will be asked to complete a tutorial. Click Begin Tutorial. Choose Block or Do Not Block. If you are unsure as to what programs are harmful, choose Block Keep clicking Continue. At the end of the tutorial you will be asked to install an app. You can always do this later. Click Finish This Tutorial

11 Using Avast, Cont. Now that Avast is installed, it will do almost all of the work for you Avast will automatically protect you from viruses and other malicious software If you would like to scan the drives on your PC, which you should do monthly, click Smart Scan in Avast. You can also hover over Scan on the left and choose from 4 individual scans. Smart Scan covers all 4, however, and Avast regularly scans for threats on it’s own

12 Registering For Avast In order to use Avast for free, you must register your software and create an account Click Register at the top of the window, and then click Select under Standard Protection

13 Registering For Avast, Cont.
Enter you First Name, Last Name, and Address Click Register With Address If you would like a free trial of Avast Pro you may select the trial Otherwise, click Stay With Basic Protection

14 Email Confirmation Remember to check your email
Avast will send you a confirmation Click on the link in the to confirm your registration You must do this to complete your registration

15 Wrapping Up And that’s it! You now are protected from viruses with Avast Click X to exit out of Avast Avast will automatically protect you from malicious software and viruses You will ocassionally get a pop-up from Avast, letting you know when it updates itself or removes or blocks a threat

16 Questions? If you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to ask. Thank you for visiting Rowan County Public Library.

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