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Spanish Intensifiers.

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1 Spanish Intensifiers

2 Spanish Intensifiers In Spanish, there are a number of words as well as one suffix that can be used to intensify the meaning of other words.

3 Spanish Intensifiers Intensifiers can be used with adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and verbs. They include words like muy (very), mucho (much, a lot), and sumamente (extremely). Es muy bonita.   She is very pretty. Tenemos mucho dinero. We have a lot of money.

4 Spanish Intensifiers The suffix “–ísimo” is an intensifier that can be attached to the end of many adjectives. It changes for gender and number: If the adjective ends in a vowel, drop it before adding the ending. -ísimo, -ísimos, -ísima, -ísimas bello (a) ¡Esta cocina es bellísima! This kitchen is very (extremely) beautiful.

5 Spanish Intensifiers When the last consonant in the adjective is c, g or z, spelling changes are required before adding –ísimo (a, os, as). c > qu rico > riquísimo g > gu largo > larguísimo z > c feliz > felicísimo

6 Spanish Intensifiers Now translate these sentences:
The homework is really easy. La tarea es facilísima. Ana is absolutely beautiful. Ana es bonitísima. They are super rich. Ellos son riquísimos.

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