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1 Adjetivos

2 Descriptive adjectives describe people, places or things.
Adjectives must agree in gender and number with the nouns they modify. Adjectives come after the nouns they modify. Ejemplo: The girl is short. La chica es baja f/s f/s f/s

3 The boy is tall. El chico es alto. m/s m/s m/s The boys are tall. Los chicos son altos. The girls are tall. Las chicas son altas.

4 When you translate a sentence to Spanish, always look at the gender and number of the noun.
Ejemplo: The apples are red. -Apples is the noun (manzanas)(f/p) -The article and adjective will be feminine and plural. Las manzanas son rojas. f/p f/p f/p f/p

5 Ejercicios Translate the following sentences. Circle the noun, underline the article, and underline the adjective twice. Ejemplo: The principal is organized. Article + Noun + verb + Adjective El director es organizado m/s m/s m/s

6 Article + Noun + Verb + Adjective
1. The man is athletic. 2. The woman is pretty. 3. The teachers(f) are nice. 4. The men are artistic.

7 So far you have seen only adjectives that end in –o (organizado, atlético, bonito, simpático, artístico). If an adjective ends in –o you can change the –o for an –a to make it agree with a feminine noun. (organizada, atlética, bonita, etc.) You may change the ending to –os (to agree with a masculine/plural noun or –as to agree with a feminine/plural noun.

8 There are adjectives that end in other
than –o. Like trabajador, grande, azul, verde, triste. Use trabajador for masculine and singular nouns and trabajadora for feminine and singular nouns. The rest of the adjectives don’t have to be changed to agree with masculine or feminine nouns that are singular. El libro es verde La mochila es verde. m/s f/s The books are green. Los libros son verdes.

9 Ejercicios Traduce lo siguiente:
1. The woman is hardworking.____________________________ 2. The man is hardworking.____________________________ 3. The class is big._________________________ 4. The classes are big.______________________ 5. The book is blue.________________________ 6. The books are blue.______________________

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